Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Air tanker operators

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Ever since N5457V, the first A-26 converted to a fire tanker by Aero Atlas back in 1959, this highly manoeuvrable, single pilot, Ex-WWII attack aircraft has proven its worth in the wildfire theatre of operations, due to its speed, flight duration ( 5 Hours ), Range (1,200 Miles ) and ability to carry a good fire retardent load of 760 US gallons, the A-26 Invader became the mainstay in the battle to deal with the ever growing problem of forrest fires in both Canada and the United States, with some 45-50 A-26 Invader's being converted for Air tanker or drop planes of some or other description.
And to prove the durability of the A-26, N5457V as mentioned above still flies today, owned and operated by David R. Lane.

A/B-26 Invaders used by American and Canadian companies for various Air Tanker and Agricultural spraying duties.


Aero Union

Aeroflight Inc

Aircraft Specialties

Air Spray

Butler Aviation

Central Air Service

Central Oregon Aerial Co


Custom Farm Service of Montana (Agricultural)

D & D Aero Spraying Inc. (Agricultural)

Don A. Goodman - Private contractor (Pilot)

DM Air Enterprises Ltd


Dontuss Industries

Evergreen Air

Fire Eaters

Flick Aviation

Flight Enterprises Inc

Thomas W. Hammon - Private contractor (Pilot)

Hawkins & Powers Inc.

Hillcrest Aircraft Co

Idaho Air Tankers Inc

Johnson Flying Service


Kenting Aviation

Kern Air Inc

Kinney Air Tankers

Kreitzberg Aviation, Inc

Lynch Flying Service

Moseley Aviation Inc

Reeder Flying Service

Lester Riley - Private contractor (pilot)

Rosenbalm Aviation, INC.

Stahmann Farms Inc. (Agricultural)

George H. Stell - Private contractor (Pilot)

Thompson Flying Service (Ray L. Peck, private contractor)


Note: Photos for several of the companies is not available, so a brief history has been inserted whilst a suitable image can be located.