Douglas A/B-26 Invader

U.S. and Foreign companies that flew the Invader

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The A-26 Invader did originally begin as a private venture on the part of the Douglas plant at El Segundo, California, so at the end of World War Two, it wasn't surprising that surplus Invaders were quickly purchased as high-performance business aircraft with conversions undertaken by On Mark,  L.B. Smith Company,  Lockheed Air Service (LAS), Rhodes Berry, Rock Island Oil & Refining Co, LeTourneau , World Corp, Grand Central Air Services and Aero Trades Inc. , to haul business executives in comparative speed and luxury.

With minimal modifications, such as the removal of some military features, including bomb bay doors sealed shut, passenger entry stairs in bomb bay, and the conversion of the fuselage to accept six-eight passengers. Improvements developed considerably until the early 1960s, when purpose-built executive types started to become available.

US Companies

Active Air Inc, Wakeman, OH

Aero Atlas Inc, Red Bluff, CA

AeroAssociates Inc, Tucson, AZ

Aeronautical Services Corp, Cheyenne, WY

Aero Service Corp, Philadelphia, PA

Aim Aviation Inc, Houston, TX

Aircraft Specialties, Mesa, Arizona

Air Mayo Inc, Lakewood, CO

Alabama Institute Of Aviation Tech, Ozark, AL

Allied Signal Inc, Phoenix, AZ

A.M. Wheaton Glass Corp

A & T Productions, Inc., Pacific Palisades, CA

Amerada Petroleum Corp, Tulsa, OK

American Aeronautical Foundation, Van Nuys

Alsam Inc, Youndston, OH

Ayer Associates Automobile Inc

Bancroft Manufacturing Co., McComb, MS

Bank Of Beaufort, Hilton Head Island, SC

Barnwell Drilling Co, Shreveport, LA

Beech Aircraft Corp, Wichita, KS

Bell Helicopter, Fort Worth, Texas

Blue Mountain Air Service, La Grande, OR

Brown & Root, Inc

Belcher Aircraft Corp, Mojave, CA

Canadian Comstock Racing Team

Caribbean Air Transport

Carstedt Air, Long Beach, CA

Challenge Publications Inc., Canoga Park, CA

Charles H. Babb Co, Los Angeles, CA

Charles Woods Homes Inc, Dothan, AL

Consolidated Air Parts Corp, Los Angeles, CA

Cornell Aero Lab, Buffalo, New York

Calspan Corp, Buffalo, NY/Edwards AFB, CA

Coastways Associates Inc, Miami, FL

Colorado Interstate Gas, Colorado Springs, Co

Colorado Oil & Gas Corp, Denver, CO

Commonwealth Plan Inc, Boston, MA

CWC Air Inc, Flushing, MI

Cutless Aviation

Da Pro Rubber Inc. Van Nuys, CA

Dean Foods, Franklin Park, IL

Dean Milk Co, Franklin Park, IL

DEC Aviation Corp, Madison, WI

Dollar Lines Inc, San Francisco, CA

Tired Iron Inc, Casper, WY

Dispatch Services Inc, Miami, FL

Endless Turn Inc, Leoti, KS,

Environmental Protection Agency, Las Vegas, NV

E.T.S. Hokin Corp, San Francisco, CA

Farrah Manufacturing Co Inc

Fletcher Oil & Gas

Flint Steel Corp, Tulsa, OK

Flight Enterprises Inc, Prescott, AZ

Ford Motor Co, Detroit, MI

Forest Patrol Ltd

Garrett Airesearch, Phoenix, Arizona

Garret Corp, Phoenix, AZ

Gower Lebel Inc., Seattle, WA

Greenacres Farm Inc, Lexington, KY

Grumman Ecosystems Corp, Bethpage, NY

Gulf Air Inc (CIA), Miami, Florida

H. B. Zachry Co, San Antonio, TX

Hill Air Company Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hughes Aircraft, Culver City, California

Humphrey's Gold Corp, FL

Humphrey's Engineering Co, Denver, CO

Hunting Geology & JMC Aero Associates

Hodge Laboratories Inc, Wichita

Holiday Inns Of America

International Commercial Aviaition Service, Kennedy Int Airport, NY

Intercontinental Mining, New York, NY

JRT Aero Service CO, Wichita Falls, TX

Ken McGee Oil Industries Inc

Kenlyn Petroleum Corp, Los Angeles, CA

Koch Industries Inc, Wichita, KS

Kwiki Systems Inc, Leawood, KS

Lear Siegler Inc, Santa Monica, CA

Madden & Smith Aircraft Corp, Miami, FL

Magnolia Homes Manufacturer Corp, Vicksburg, MS

Mapco Inc, Tulsa, OK

May Air Inc, Boulder, CO

Mayhew Supply Inc, Gulfport, MS

Marketeer Twin Cities Aviation Inc, Minneapolis, MN

L.B. Maytag Aircraft Corp, Miami, FL

Mercury Flights, Edmonton, Alberta

Mid America Air Transport, Chicago, IL

Mid America Pipeline Co, Tulsa, OK

Miami Aircraft Ventures Inc., Miami, FL

Motorola Inc, Scottsdale, AZ

US Companies

G. C. Murphy Co, McKeesport, PA

National Bank, Tulsa, OK

Natrona Service Inc, Casper, WY

Nine Ten Corp, Chicago, Illinois

North American Rockeewell Corp, El Segundo, CA

Northern Natural Gas, Denver, CO

Northrop Corp, Newbury Park, CA

North Phoenix Aviation, Phoenix, AZ

Occidental Leasing (Occidental Oil), LA,Cal

Occidental Oil of Libya Inc, Los Angeles, CA

Oklahoma Aircraft Corp, Yukon, OK

Orange County Airways Inc, Montgomery, NY

Pacific Flight Services Inc, Angwin, CA

Pan American Petroleum Corp, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Paramount Inc, Atlanta, GA

Paramount Trading Co., Vero Beach, CA

Park Meadow Inc/Ligon Air Inc, Ligonier, In

Parker Pen Co., Janesville, WI

Photo File Surveys Inc, Philadelphia, PA

Piedmont Airline

Pinellas Aircraft Inc., St. Petersburg, FL

PFB Enterprises 

Phillips Petroleum Co, Oklahoma

Philips Drilling Corp, San Antonio, TX

Priority Air Transport System, Redwood, CA

Purolator Products Inc, New York, NY

The Robert Dollar Company

RALCO, Cheyenne, WY

Raytheon Manufacturing Co, Bedford, MA

Recta Air Aenterprises

Reading Aviation Services, Reading, PA

Red Dodge Aviation Inc, Anchorage, AK

Republic National Bank Of Tulsa, Tulsa, OK

Ridge Associates Inc, Flint, MI

Rock Island Oil and Refining Co, Hutchinson, Kansas

RLS 51 Ltd, San Francisco, CA

Rojo Inc, Hilton Head Island, SC

Rum Cay Development Co, Miami, FL

Rusk Aviation, Kankakee, IL

Sea Link Aviation Inc, Wilmington, DE

Slaco Inc, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Slick Airways, San Antonio, TX

Southern Natural Gas Co, Birmingham, AL

Sperry Gyroscope Co, Great Neck, NY

Standard Oil Co, Chicago, Illinois and (Standard Oil Co of California)

Stanolind Oil & Gas Co, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Star Flite Inc

State Of Georgia Forestry Commision, Macon, GA

Stevens & Co, New Orleans, LA

Superior Oil Co Inc, Chicago, IL

Superior Oil Co Inc, Lafayette, LA

Supreme Machine Products, Rockford, IL

Survair Ltd, Ottawa, Ontario

Swiflite Aircraft Corp, New York, NY

Tallmantz Aviation Inc, Orange County, CA

T.E. Mercer trucking Co, Fort Worth, TX

Texas Gas Transmission Corp, Owensboro, KY

Texas Instruments Inc, Dallas, TX

Texas Railroad Equipment Co, Houston, TX

Texas State Optical Corp

Transport Aircraft Inc, Sacramento, CA

Transelco Inc, Rahway, NJ

Trathan Drilling, Shreveport, LA

Twin Cities Aviation, Inc, Edina, MN

US Department of Commerce, Washington DC

Walter Quick Freeze Corp, St. Thomas, USVIslands

Westinghouse Credit Corp, Brynmawr, PA

Western Contracting Corp, Sioux City, IA

Wilco Aviation, Jacksonville, FL

Woodward Governor Co., Rockford, IL

Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co, Youngstown, OH

Foreign Companies

Aerografica y Constructora SA, Mexico City
Altos Hornos de Mexico
Antwerpe Kreesten Central, Antwerp
International Aviation Services, Pretoria
Luft-Transport Dienst GmbH, Dusseldorf, Germany
Petroleos Mexicanos - PEMEX, Mexico
Prakla-Seismos AG, Hanover, Germany
Societe Carta, Creil
South African Iron & Steel Industrial Corp, Wonderboom, South Africa
Trans Peruana, Lima, Peru