Douglas A/B-26 Invader

A-26 Invader - Aircraft Specific

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This section relates to actual A-26 invaders that have been or are on the warbird circuit today.
Many of the contributions are from owners, pilots and crew chiefs who fly and maintain Invaders from all parts of the globe or who's life has in some way been affected by the Invader in their lifetime.

"931" A Cuban exile

Scandinavian Sugarbabe

The Parker '26 - Geoff Parker

My Mary Lou - Glenn Chatfield

#76 Fast and furious - John Lear

Ivan and the Invader - Bill Baldwin

Spirit of "North Carolina" - Robert Lindley, Spirit historian

NNNNineteen - David Lane, owner and operator

Reida Rae - Carl Sgamboti Reida Rae project crew chief

N7705C "In and out of uniform" - Bill Baldwin, Ex-Owner

"Sexy Sue" - Owner and operators, Peter and Lorrie Hambling

Ex Air Spray #13 walk round - Dennis Deagle, Edmonton, Alberta