Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Prototypes - Rhodes Berry, California conversion

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Rhodes Berry, California conversion


Regarding the above photo,
Rhodes Berry Silver Sixty, N5510V, while in the flight test phase, circa mid-1960 in a all natural finish.
The background in your photo looks to me to have been taken at Whitman looking southwest. Whiteman Airpark is one of the surviving airports in the San Fernando Valley and is located along the base of the San Gabriel Mountains, about halfway between Van Nuys to the southwest and Lockheed Burbank to the southeast.
Clarification by Richard E Fulwiler

Possibly the ugliest of all Invader conversions, the Rhodes Berry Silver 60 was built at Whiteman Airpark in the San Fernando Valley of southern California during the late 1950s. The fuselage was completely redone resulting in a swollen unit that could accommodate up to 16 passengers. Also, because of the deeper fuselage, the nose gear could now retract straight back without first swiveling as on stock Invaders. The first Silver 60 flew on 25 June 1960 with the registration N5510V. Some sources state another example was built but we can't find photos of just the first and its final history is not known.
There were two variants of the Silver-60, but they were not implemented.
One variant was designed as a cargo plane with a rear ramp and was to be used as a military transport aircraft designed to carry 20 soldiers.
Both options were designed for sale in South American countries. 
Silver Sixty


Prototype serial number: 41-39262
1960 Conversion.
The first Silver 60 flew on 25 June 1960 with the registration N5510V.
Donar fuselage, Douglas B-26B.
Two 2000hp P&W R-2800-79
Span: 70'0"
Length: 51'3"
Load: 14,500Lbs
Range: 1200 miles