Douglas A/B-26 Invader

On Mark or Rock Island

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Various references have been made to N437W as being an On Mark Marketeer, however if reference is made via Monarch 26 airframes the evidence shows that "437" may well be a Monarch 26.

The airframe in question


Serial #: 44-35201
Construction #: 28480
Civil Registration:
  Rock Island 26  See note below
Status: Unknown
Last info: 1977


L.B. Smith Aircraft Corp, Miami, FL.
- Registered as N8025E.
Woodward Governor Co., Rockford, IL, 1963-1966.
- Registered as N137WG.
Supreme Machine Products, Rockford, IL, 1969-1970.
- Registered as N437W.
Stan Burnstein, Tulsa, OK, 1972.
Lester Risley, Anchorage, AK, 1976-1977.

Les (Risley, the last owner) was taking off from the Aniak Airport and the flap control rod failed on the right wing causing Les to lose control of the aircraft and it struck some trees off the side of the runway. He left the aircraft there. Last information on it was the airport took the wreckage to the dump.


Note: Richard E. Fulwiler writes, I am convinced that she "is not" a Marketeer and is most probably a Monarch 26.

I think this primarily by the height of the Airstair door top extending much further up the fuselage side than was typical on the On Mark doors.

I Cc'd Joe Baugher on the mail I sent but have not received a return from him, and his entry on this aircraft remains the same. I believe this aircraft had been originally misidentified as a Marketeer by the same trusted sources that identified so many Marketeers as being a Marksman. Once these labels are placed, it takes a lot of counter " proof " to correct the record.

I am not positive of the correct identity, but I am sure she is other than a Marketeer. Being shown to L.B. Smith in 1962 expands on the mystery.

Taking into consideration the aircraft below, what's your opinion.

To conclude this discussion See John Whiteheads article



Serial #: 44-34390
Construction #: 27669
Civil Registration:
  Monarch 26
Name: None
Status: Unknown
Last info: 1978



Delivered to French AF as 44-34390.
- BOC: Feb. 16, 1954.
- Based in Indochina.
- Returne to USAF, Nov. 10, 1955.
Open storage, Clark AFB, Phillippines, 1955-1958.
Rock Island Oil & Refining Co, Wichita, KS, 1959-1969.
- Registered as N6836D.
- Converted to Monarch 26 configuration, Hutchinson, KS, 1960.
Wells Aircraft Inc., Hutchinson, KS, 1970-1972.
Stored in EPA compound, Las Vegas, NV, 1975-1976.
Edron Co., Las Vegas, NV, 1977.
Aircraft Associates, Long Beach, CA, Apr. 13, 1978.

Thought to have been lost during smuggling operations.


Executive interior installed, exterior paint applied; N6840D as the completed MONARCH 26 prototype -1959.

Serial #: 44-35911
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
  Monarch 26
Name: Spirit Of N.C.
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2002


Delivered to l'Armee de l'Air as 44-35911.
- BOC: Jan. 3, 1951.
- Based in Indochina.
- Returned to USAF, Oct. 22, 1955.
Open storage, Clark AFB, Philippines, 1955-1958.
Rock Island Oil & Refining Co, Wichita, KS, 1959-1964.
- Registered as N6840D.
- Rebuilt as prototype Monarch 26, Hutchinson, KS, 1959.
- First flight, Sept. 1959.
Magnolia Homes Manufacturer Corp, Vicksburg, MS, 1966.
- Nose gear locked up during landing, Oklahoma, OK, Dec. 8 1967.
Aero Specialties Inc, Long Beach, CA, 1969-1970.
Westinghouse Credit Corp, Brynmawr, PA, 1972.
Milt Slollak, Burbank, CA, 1977.
Stephen L. Miles, Carmel Valley & Salinas, CA, Oct. 1983-1988.
- Flew as 435911/D-RG/High Ballin.
Courtesy Aircraft Inc, Rockford, IL, Jan. 1989-1990.
Coleman Warbird Museman, Coleman, TX, 1992-2000.
- Flew as 435911/Bandido in camo scheme.
George W. Lancaster, Wilmington, NC, 2001-2002.
- Flies as black usaf/435911/Spirit of NC.


Serial #: 44-35643
Construction #: 28922
Civil Registration:
  Monarch 26
Name: Daisy Mae
Status: Restoration
Last info: 2003


Delivered to French AF as 44-35643.
- BOC: Apr. 10 1954.
- Based Indochina.
- Returned to USAF, Oct. 22, 1955.
Open Storage, Clark AFB, Philipines, 1955-1958.
Rock Island Oil & Refining Co, Wichita, KS, 1959-1969.
- Registered as N6841D.
- Converted to Monarch 26, Hutchinson, KS.
Hodge Laboratories Inc, Wichita, KS, 1970.
- Landed with gear up, Hutchinson, KS, Oct. 20, 1971.
William K. Mayfield, Halstead, KS, 1972.
Robert Diemet, Carmen, Manitoba, Oct. 14, 1973-1979.
- Registered as C-GCES, Oct. 1974.
Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, TX, June 1979-1984.
- Registered as N8015H.
Confederate Air Force, Pine Bluff, AR, Feb. 1984-1991.
- Registered as N226RW.
CAF/Commemorative Air Force, Midland, TX, Sept. 1991-2003.
- Flew as 4435643/Daisy Mae/A.
- Registered as N626SH, Jan. 1999.
- Currently undergoing complete rebuild.