Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Where did they go

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Tracing the history of US aircraft manufacturers

  • Lockheed: Now Lockheed-Martin.
  • Martin: Became Martin-Marietta in 1961, merged with Lockheed to form Lockheed-Martin in 1995.
  • Vultee: Merged with Consolidated in 1943 to form Convair, then with Electric Boat to form General Dynamics in 1954. Essentially stopped producing aircraft in 1965, and was shut down completely in 1993.
  • Consolidated: Merged with Vultee in 1943, as above.
  • Douglas: Merged with McDonnell in 1967 to form McDonnell-Douglas, then taken over by Boeing in 1997.
  • North American Aviation: Merged with North American Rockwell to form Rockwell International in 1967. Rockwell International's military business was taken over by Boeing in 1996. Later seperations and mergers mean Rockwell International no longer exists. Piper Aircraft now owns the blueprints and production rights to the P-51 Mustang.
  • Northrop: Merged with Grumman in 1994 to form Northrop-Grumman.
  • Grumman: Merged with Northrop in 1994.
  • Vought: known at various points as Vought, Chance-Vought, and Ling-Temco-Vought. Now called simply Vought.
  • Northrop-Grumman: was taken over by the Vought Aircraft division in 1994.
  • Bell: Taken over by Texatron in 1960.
  • Curtiss-Wright: Massively shifted gears when props and radial engines went out of vogue. Evolved into a completely unrelated field--makes things such as valves, generators, actuators, and parts for nuclear subs now. North American Aviation took over their aircraft division in 1948.
  • Seversky: Became Republic in 1939.
  • Republic: taken over by Fairchild in 1965. Repbulic-Fairchild then took over most of Dornier GmbH in 1996, but later became insolvent and was in turn taken over by M7 Aerospace in 2002.
  • Hughes: Howard 'donated' Hughes Aircraft to the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in 1953, thus making it conveniently tax-exempt. General Motors took over Hughes Aircraft (but not the HHMI itself) in 1985. In 1997, Hughes Electronics (which included Hughes Aircraft) was taken over by Raytheon. The other portions of Hughes' companies (such as Hughes Space and Communications, Hughes Electronics, and Hughes Network Systems) were taken over by Newscorp and Boeing.
  • Beech: Taken over by Raytheon in 1980. Still producing Bonanzas.
  • Cessna: Taken over by Texatron in 1992. Still producing Skyhawks.

Tracing the history of British aircraft manufacturers
  • Bristol Aircraft - originally the British and Colonial Aeroplane Company Ltd
  • Hunting Aircraft - originally Percival Aircraft Co. 
  • English Electric
  • Vickers - became Vickers Armstrong Ltd
  • Armstrong Whitworth - see above
  • Supermarine - taken over by Vicker Armstrong to become Vickers Supermarine.
Were amalgamated into The British Aircraft Corporation
  • Whitworth
  • Gloster - taken over by Hawker Aircraft
  • De Havilland
  • Blackburn
  • Folland - originally British Marine Aircraft Limited
  • Hawker
Were amalgamated into Hawker Siddeley Aviation
  • Handley Page went into liquidation
  • Short Bros, went into liquidation