Douglas A/B-26 Invader

And those..................

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Not all but most.............. 

Paul Mantz
Frank Tallman
Ormond Haydon-Baillie
Don Bullock
Mike Twite
Peter Snell
Charles Church
Ted Girdler
Ted White and Mark Campbell
Andrew James Potter and Kevin Turner
Nick Grace
John Larcombe
David Moore
Kevin Moorhouse and Steven Watson
Jeffrey Ethell
Chris Schweizer
Christian Bove
Mark Hanna
Paul Morgan
Martin Sargeant
Sir Ken Hayr and Jonathan Kerr
Joseph Tobul
Jim Shuttleworth
Art Vance
Pierre Hollander
Guy Bancroft-Wilson
Spencer Flack
Norman Lees and Greg McCurrach
Vernon Thorp, Walter Wooton, John Thomas Cloyd, Colin Dunwell and Chris Gardner
Neil Stamp and Charles Stephen Bates
Bill Murton and Neil Rix
Bill Johnson
Carey Moore
Mike Snoyman
Brian Brown
Bertil Gerhardt
Stefan Kawowski (spelling?)
John Watts (killed in a mid-air of two Tornados)
Don Bullock and the others killed in the Biggin Hill Invader crash.
Norman Lees and the owner of the 2 seater Spitfire that crashed at Goodwood.
Charles Church
Dave Zuschel
Paul Morgan ( Fury G-EEMV )
Dave Moore ( Spit RM689 )
Euan English
Guy Bancroft-Wilson ( P-63 )
Martin Sargeant ( Spit PL983 )
John Larcombe ( P-63 )
Ormond Haydon-Baillie ( P-51 I-BILL )
Spencer Flack ( auto-racing accident )
Nick Grace ( road accident )
Merle Gustafson ( industrial accident )
Neil Williams
Ken Burnstine ( P-51 "Miss Suzy Q" )
Jack Malloch ( Spit 24 in SA )
Bob Abrams ( P-51 )
Joe Gabany ( Cessna 180 crash; CWH Yale pilot/restorer)
Alan Ness ( Firefly WD901 )
Bill Clark ( P-51 "Dolly" )
Harry Tope ( P-51 "Death Rattler" )
Don Plumb ( P-51 CF-USA )
George Enhorning (and passenger--P-51 "Passion Wagon")
Michael "Hoof" Proudfoot ( P-38 )
Crews of CAF A-20J, BAe Mossie T.3, and the Vickers Varsit
Christian Bove ( Dewoitine D.520 )
Chris Schweizer ( Swiss P-51 )
Mike Carlton ( in a Sea Bee )
Ormond Haydon-Bailey ( P-51 )
Peter Snell ( Harvard )
"Jeff" Hawke ( Aztec )
Roland Fraissinet
Charlie Hillard ( Sea Fury, Lakeland or Tico )
Bill Fornoff ( Bearcat, NAS Quonsett Point ).
Sir Ken Hayr and Jim Kerr ( DH Vampire, Biggin Hill )
Cathy O'Brien ( Stampe )
Pete Tredaway ( Rapide, Audley End )
Wally Cubitt ( Hunter T7 )
Richard Fox ( Farichild Cornell, Woburn )
Reg Hallam
John fairey
Guido Zuccolli ( T6 )
Jack Rogers & Bob Knoll ( Gruman Goose )
Bill Ross ( Baron )