Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Flying Legends 2012

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Well another Legends display over without major incident and all credit to the fighter collection for organising an overall great day.
I think I'm getting old, I've been going to various airshows now for over fifty years and this wasn't the best by any means and definately not the best Legends I've been too.
There were no Hurricanes which was so disapointing and no medium bombers i.e. B-25's and the marked absence of the Skyraider and other big radial yanks was notable.
The displays also seemed to run shorter than usual and with less vim.
It was rather gusty at times and all credit to the pilots for flying, eventhough I'm sure the wind was above tolerences at times.
There were three beautiful Spitfire 1's and Yaks flying in formation and a wonderful display by the Sea Fury.
The P38 gave a wonderful display as did the Lysander and of course the newly restored P-47 flew, beit in a rather subdued display considering the hype.
I think I will give Legends a miss for a couple of years as I feel the Fighter collection have given their best in past years and it will take something exeptional to get me back in future, I didn't even stay for the Balboa as by then I had lost interest.
I never ever though I would hear myself say that.
I know it takes a vast amount of time and expense to hold an airshow like Legends, but the expectation is so high and people come from so far to see this gathering of warbirds, that when it falls below expectations the result can only be a knock on effect for next years crowd figures.
Yes there is still a world recession on and I can only assume that it plays a big part in attendance figures, especially from people that travel from every corner of the earth to be there.
For me, its bring back Biggin Hill air fair.
Below are a few of the exhibits.