Douglas A/B-26 Invader

N4000M, a story

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My A-26 story

We’ll have to go back to the fall of 1966, the beginning of the school year in San Diego.

I had been going to the same private school along with the same group of kids of years. So when someone new showed up, everyone paid attention. A new guy in my class arrived from Miami, I ended up sitting next to him on the first day of school, his name was Brian, he along with his two younger sisters and a younger brother had recently moved to town with their Mom.

They had just built a new house up on the hill. We instantly became friends, Brian fitted in well, he was a beach guy, a car guy, knew about boats and airplanes, he liked to camp and fish. His dad had an airplane business in Los Angles and his Step- Dad in Miami was involved with an airline.

Brian said they moved to San Diego from Miami because of all the new Cuban immriants. It later turns out Brians Mom was in the process of or recently divorced. They had a nice place up on the hill, it became “the spot” to hang out for a lot of the local kids, there was always a group of kids around the pool . 

One day I was at Brian’s house and met his Step-Dad, who was in from Miami, he was introduced as Bud Maytag. Brian had told me about Bud Maytag in the past, he had a ranch in Wyoming (#1), some other cool stuff, some airplanes and among other things he ran National Airlines in Miami.  I would have to say, as I recall, Bud Maytag was a pretty quiet guy, not real flashy, he was just there for a visit.

Over the next few years, I saw him a couple of times. On the trip mentioned above, Brian said we should go down to the airport and see Bud’s A-26, Ok, ‘ya that sounds cool, let’s go. Brian drove as I wasn’t old enough to have a license in California.

The A-26 parked, just south of the current terminal, it was blue and white, it was the same plane pictured on the site , N4000M. Bud had flown it to San Diego from Miami. We walked out on the tarmac to check it out, it was locked, so we couldn’t go inside. He also flew a 450 Stearman, some little French jet and the National Airlines fleet. There was a story about Bud taking delivery of a new 727 at Boeing in Seattle and flying it to Miami.

Brian would go to Los Angles to visit his Dad frequently and I was invited to go along one weekend.

Brian’s Dad lived in Beverly Hills, up one of the canyons and his office and business was at the airport in Van Nuys.

The business was On-Mark Engineering, Brian’s Dad, was Robert O. Denny President/Owner. Mr. Denny, as I called him, had been in the airplane business for quite some time.  The On-Mark Engineering  story should be familiar to everyone reading this site and I won’t try to recreate it.

 Mr. Denny was quite a guy, he had style, a real fun guy to be around, did it right.  I have very fond memories of him to this day. He made quite an impression on this teenager from Southern California. I spent a lot of time with Brian and his Dad.  The last I heard Mr. Denny was living in Arizona. 

One of Brian’s car projects was a VW bus that he was working on.  On Saturday mornings, if he was in LA, he would go down to the hanger in Van Nuys to work on the bus. I made that Saturday morning trip to the hanger numerous times. There were always guys there working on the planes.

To be continued...............