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Photographic Credits

Listed below are some of the photographers, who's work appear on this site.
I am fully aware that you all want acreditation adjacent to your shots, but if you bear with me, I will endeavour to please everyone concerned.
Thank you


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Avia camouflage profiles

Chuck Acree



Nils Alegren                                               

Mick Bajcar

Alex barendreg                                          

Malcolm Barrass                                       

Rune Breen

Rob Braithwaite                                         

Rob Braithwaite                                             

Rob Braithwaite                                                       Rob's Aircraft Picture Library
Rudy Chiarello                                           

Howard Chaloner                                       

John Derden                                              

Frank Duarte                                             

Colin Ebert                                                


Flemming Fogh

Chuck Gardner

Bob Garrard                                               

Edward Gronenthal

Peter De Groot                                          

Steve Gryskiewicz

Fredy hader

Terry Hale                                                  

Thor Hasselo

Bruce Highland                                           

Jeff Hunt

Jukka huppunen                                                                          

Peter Engedal Jensen

Alf Egil Johannessen            

Phil Juvet


Tom Kirn                                                                                                              

Andre Krocher

Ralph Kunadt                                                

Del Laughery

Peter Liander                                                

Eduard Marmet                                             

Peter Mitchell                                               

Nicolai Musante                                           

Alan McKnight                                              

Mike McMillan                                              

Paul nann                                                      

Alf Egil Johannessen Nilsen

John and Peggy Olafson                              

Juha Portti

Mikkel Rosengaard

Morten Steen

John P Stewart

Alex Stoll                                                        

Den Pascoe                                                 

Peter Poulsen                                              


Rob's Aircraft Picture Library

Kurt Stangrecki                                           

Baldur Sveinsson

T Brunander Sund                                                 Danish Aviation Photos

Tom Turner                                                  

Rune Valestrand


Ernie Viskupic

Gary Verver                                                           China Lake Website

Colin Work                                                    /TeamImages

Peter Vercruijsse                                        

Ernie Viskupic                                                                                         


Steve Williams

Tony Zeljeznjak