North American B-25 Mitchell

Executive transport

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After the war, many B-25s were used as training aircraft. Between 1951 and 1954, 157 Mitchells were converted as flying classrooms for teaching the Hughes E-1 and E-5 fire control radar. They were also used as staff transport, utility, and navigator-trainer aircraft. The last B-25, a VIP transport, was retired from the USAF on May 21, 1960. Approximately 34 B-25 Mitchells remain flying today, most as warbirds, although at least one earns its keep in Hollywood as an aerial camera platform.
Many B-25's that were converted to staff transports were later purchased by companies and individuals as executive and VIP aircraft

Registrations on this page
N10V, N1203, N122B, N201L, N3184G, N32T, N3443G, N3521G, N37L, N3968C, N5248V, N5548N, N5865V, NX69345, N7614C, N7687C, N87Z, N9077Z, N9167Z, N92872, N9446Z, N7947C, N9958F, C-GTTM, XB-HEY,  





Serial #: 43-4432
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25H
Name: City Of Burlington
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2002


Joe Zappa/Delta Drilling Co, Dallas, TX, June 25, 1947.
-- Purched from RFC Altus, OK.
Texas Aircraft Trading Co, Tyler, TX, Aug. 1947-1948.
- Registered as NL90399.
Jacques Power Saw Co, Dennison, TX, Mar. 1948-1949.
- Registered as N90399.
A.B. Wharton, Vernon, TX, Sept. 1949-1952. Mechanical Productions Inc., Jackson, MI, Feb. 1952
- Registered as N10V.
Alfred E. Merhige, Hollywood, FL, Mar. 1954.
- Fitted with executive interior.
- Reported operated by Porfirio Rubirosa.
J.O. Willet, Monroe, LA, Dec. 1954.
Husky Oil Co/Canam Company, Cody, WY, Oct. 1955-1960.
- Further executive modifications completed, Dec. 1955.
-- Fitted with airstair and pointed tail cone.
Cherokee Flying Service, Mar. 1960-1962.
- Flew as Cherokee II.
Tropical Export Trading, Fot Lauderdale, FL, June 1962.
Long Island Airways, New York, NY, June 1962-1968.
Tallmantz Aviation, Orange County, CA, Sept. 1968.
Filmways Inc, Hollywood, CA, Sept. 1968-1972
- Used in filming "Catch-22" as "Berlin Express"
Sherman Cooper, Merced, CA, May 1971-1972.
EAA Aviation Foundation, Oshkosh, WI, Aug. 18, 1972-2002
- Flown as USAAF/34030/City Of Burlington.





The above shot was sent in by Scott Lindley via his brother

Serial #: 41-29784
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: Fertile Myrtle
Status: Display
Last Info: 2002

Luis M. Borda, 1948.
J. Bertin Terrel, Tulsa, OK, Aug. 9, 1948.
Continental Oil Co, Ponca City, OK, Feb. 1949.
- Registered as NL5078N.
Timken Roller Bearing Co, Canton, OH, May 1953-1963.
- Registered as N122B, June 1953.
- Executive conversion by AiResearch, LAX, May-Dec. 1953.
-- Fitted with wingtip tanks, streamlined nose and tail fairings,
    airstair door, improved systems and avionics.
Fred Clausen, Minneapolis, MN, Dec. 1964-1966.
Raw & William Johnson, Minneapolis, MN, July 1966.
Continental Aviation Co, Tulsa, OK, Apr. 1968.
Westernair of Albuquerque, Albuguerque, NM, Nov. 1968-1970.
Harlow L. Jones, Albuquerque, NM, July 1970-1972.
Lucille N. Kempton, Mesa, AZ, 1972.
Richard Dupont, Greenville, DE, Nov. 1972-1981.
- Registered as N2DD, July 1976.
- Registered as N2XD, Feb. 1979.
Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, Mt. Pleasant, SC, 1984-2002.
- Delivered from Summit, DE to Columbia, SC, Apr. 29, 1981.
- Displayed on USS Yorktown as Fertile Myrtle.




Serial #: 44-30606
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Name: Tootsie
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2002


Delivered to USAAF as 44-30606, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
C.M. Jasper/Oil Tool Corp, Long Beach, CA, Jan. 13, 1958.
- Registered as N5249V.
F.E. Fairfield/Oil Tool Corp, Long Beach, CA, May 1958-1960.
- Registered as N201L.
Baker Aircraft Sales, Long Beach, CA, Aug. 1960.
John F. Dumm & Jere Martlin, Anaheim, CA, Dec. 1960-1962.
Union Bank, Los Angeles, CA, Nov. 1962-1965.
B.L. Crawley, Cucamonga, CA, Apr. 1965-1966.
Jack Davis, La Jolla, CA, Feb. 1966-1970.
Tom Todd, John Bishop & H. Fenner/Warbirds Inc, Hobbs, NM, Dec. 1970-1987.
- Restored by Aero Trader at Chino, CA.
- Fitted with gun nose.
- Flew as "Bat Out of Hell".
Ted R. Melsheimer, Carson City, NV, Mar. 1989-2002.
- Flown as USMC PBJ-1/430606/Tootsie.


Serial #: 44-28945
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Name: None
Status: Wrecked
Last Info: 1976

Delivered to USAAF as 44-28945, 19??.
- General Hap Arnold's personal aircraft, 1944.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1958.
Edwards Petroleum Co., Fort Worth, TX, 1960.
- Registered as N3184G.
Wilson C. Edwards, San Angelo, TX, 1963.
Bendix Corp, Baltimore, MD, Oct. 5, 1963-1968.
Santiago Perez/Double A Leasing, Miami, FL, Mar. 1968-1970.
Transaereos Beni, La Paz, Bolivia, 1972.
- Registered as CP-970.
- Crashed, June 7, 1976.





Serial #: 44-30470
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Name: None
Status: Destroyed
Last Info: 1970

Delivered to USAAF as 44-30470, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Aug. 1958-1959.
Henry E. Huntington III, Carmel, CA, 1963-1964.
- Registered as N3443G.
Westair Co, Westminster, CO, 1966.
Bob Gardner/Yankee Air Club Inc, Sunderland, MA, 1969-1970.
- Operated by Damn Yankee Air Force, Turners Falls, MA, 1969-1970.
- Crashed while landing, Turner Falls, Orange, MA, Aug. 9, 1970.
-- Pilot
Roger Lopez   fatally injured in crash.



Serial #: 44-86853
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: W/o Red Bluff 1967
Last Info:





Serial #: 43-4899
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Display
Last Info: 2007


State Teachers College, Dickinson, ND, 1946-1950.
California Atlantic Airways, St. Petersburg, FL, 19??.
- Registration N66572 reserved but not taken up.
- Sale not completed.
SAX Aviation Co, Dickinson, ND, May 7, 1950.
Theodore X. Fabian, East Orange, NJ, Mar. 18, 1952.
William L. Rausch, Teterboro, NJ, Mar. 18, 1952.
- Registered as N1582V.
Rausch Aviation, Teterboro NJ, July 17, 1952-1955.
- Executive conversion, fitted with tip tanks, 1953.
Le Franc Corp, San Francisco, CA, Aug. 12, 1955-1959.
- Registered as N37L.
- Executive conversion, Jan. 1956.
-- Tip tanks and airstair added.
-- Equipped with JATO units.
-- Fitted with modified (with tip tanks) wings from N5865V.
Oakland Airmotive Co, Oakland, CA, June 3, 1959.
Carrier Services Corp, Flint, MI, Sep. 16, 1959-1963.
Grimes Manufacturing Co., Urbana, OH, May 7, 1963-1964.
Air International, Columbus, OH, Sept. 24, 1964-1970.

Golden Isles Aviation Inc, St. Simons Island, GA, July 7, 1970-1972.
-  forced single engine landing and abandoned by it crew during a drug run, at St. Simons, Island, Georgia.

John Hanson, Manistee, MI, Mar. 14, 1977-1980.
- Trucked disassembled from GA to Manistee for restoration.
Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, Kalamazoo, MI, Feb. 2, 1980-2007.
- Trucked to Kalamazoo dismantled to complete restoration, 1988-1990.
- Displayed as USAAF/4899.

A clarification by Gary Lewis

I worked on this B-25 back in the mid-late 1970s when she was owned by Doug Brown of Aerodyne Engine prior to it going to the museum. 

1. The aircraft was not damaged in its landing at the McKinnon Airport on St. Simons Island, Brunswick, Georgia.  She came in with a feathered engine, nearly hitting a departing airliner.
2. The crew of the B-25 taxied the aircraft in on one engine into the sod parking area, and was met by the "follow me" vehicle.  The crew of two locked the plane, went to the rental office and rented a sedan.  They returned to the Mitchell, opened her up, and removed a couple of tool boxes and tossed them into the trunk of the sedan.  They re-secured the Mitchell, got in the sedan, and left the plane sitting there.  
3. After a while the Airport Authority checked the plane and noted a strong smell of marijuana emanating from the plane.  They called the Sheriff, the aircraft was opened up, and the strong smell of marijuana was prevalent, as the Bomber was packed with marijuana. The aircraft seized, and sold at the Sheriff's Auction. 
The alleged in your narrative does not apply, as 1. No One was arrested and charged, or indicted in the incident.
                                                                                        2. The plane was in FACT packed with pot.
Thanks Gary




Serial #: 41-13251
Construction #:
Civil Registry.:
Model: B-25C
Name: None
Status: Restoration
Last Info: 2002


Texas Railway Equipment Corp, Houston, TX, Sept. 13, 1946.
- Purchase of 4861 surplus aircraft from RFC, Walnut Ridge, AR.
Robert Harlow, Houston, TX, Dec. 1947.
- Registered a N75635.
Al Gruff, Dallas, TX, Apr. 1949.
Delivered to Domincan AF as 2502, 19??.
Charles E. Mathews Co, Miami, FL, July 8, 1952.
- Registered as N3968C.
Babb Company, Newark, NJ, July 1952.
Hughes Tool Co, Culver City, CA, 1954-1972.
- Executive conversion with large bedroom and bathroom.
- WFU, open storage, Culver City, CA, 1960-1974.
Antelope Valley Air Museum, Lancaster, CA, July 1974-1981.
- Towed by road to Lancaster-Fox Field, stored, 1974.
Milestones of Flight Museum, Lancaster, CA, 1981-2002.
- Open storage disassembled, Lancaster-Fox Field 1974-1994.
- Under Restoration.




Serial #: 44-29808
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Scrapped
Last Info: 1976


Delivered to USAAF as 44-29145, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
Jasper Oil Tool Corp, Long Beach, CA, Jan. 13, 1958.
- Registered as N5248V.
Les-Calco, Long Beach, CA Jan. 15, 1958-1960.
- Registration N202LC reserved but not taken up.
- Converted to executive transport.
-- Fitted with airstair and JATO attachments.
Douglas Oil Co, Los Angeles, CA, May 1960-1962.
Los Angeles Board Of Education, CA, Jan. 29, 1962.
LA Trade Tech. School, LAX, Jan. 1962-1976.
- Instructional airframe.
Broken up for scrap, 1976.


The above photo is of the B-25 I mentioned in cornerstone #2 earlier ( See The A/B-26 Invader ). The JATO units mentioned above, were mounted in a fabricated frame in the tail gunners station ( the outlet holes visible in the tail cap in the photo ). I was part of the crew that removed the solid fuel rocket motors out of the airplane to prevent accidental ignition that could launch the B-25 across the busy boulevard to the west. The Airstair mentioned above replaced the aft crew entry hatch, and extended aft, doubling it's length and hinged at the forward end. Steps were integral to the belly mounted door.

The photo is looking SW towards the entrance of LAX main terminal at the crossing of Century ( E-W ) and Sepulveda ( N-S ) Blvds. just beyond the bank building across the side street ( W 98th St. ). The Control Tower, brand new to LAX at that time, is bisected by the right edge of the photo. My '62 Dodge Lancer GT was usually parked about 150' West, in the school parking lot along the East side of Sepulveda Blvd.. Garret Air Research Corp. was across Sepulveda from the school to the west. Sepulveda tunneled under the  LAX Rnwy 25 parallels south of Century Blvd., with the Rnwy 24 parallels west of Sepulveda and to the north of W 96th Street ( the schools north boundary ). My father, Edward R. Fulwiler, as a Senior Equipment Engineer for Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, was installation manager for the first ESS ( Electronic Switching System ) office in Los Angeles, at 96th St. ( SW junction of Selpuveda Blvd. and W 96th St. ) in 1961. This ESS office was to serve the newly opened terminal facility at LAX. He recommended that I look into Trade Tech as I was graduating from High School in '64.  ( Google Maps show the site, and the facility. )

Both the B-23 and the B-25 were damaged beyond repair by war protesters who broke into the school early in '69. The B-23 ( N33311 ) was set ablaze at the Airstair ( port side ) eventually breaking her back and burning the fuselage all the way forward to the cockpit; while the B-25 had the navigators compartment blown out above and behind the co-pilots position with some type of explosive device. What was accomplished by destroying WWII aircraft in obviously civilian livery is beyond comprehension, but that was the mentality of many in the U.S. at that time.

Richard E. Fulwiler







Serial #: 43-4106
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25H
Name: Barbie III
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2008


Oklahoma Agricultural & Mechanical College, Stillwater, OK, May 1946-1951.
- Ex RFC Walnut Ridge, AR.
Bendix Corp Aviation Corp, Detroit, MI, Aug. 1951-1954.
- Registered as N5548N.
Bendix Corp, Towson, MD, 1961-1969.
Richard D. Lambert, Plainfield, IL, 1970-1978.
- Open storage, 1970-1981.
Heritage In Flight Museum, Springfield, IL, 1972.
Walter Wild & Louis A. Fulgaro/Weary Warriors Squadron, Rockford, IL, 1980-2005.
- Recovered from farm in Plainsfield, IL circa 1981.
- Restored with gun nose (w. 75mm cannon).
- First flight May 19, 1992, Rockford, IL.
- Flown as 34380/Barbie III.
Weary Warriors/Warbirds Unlimited Foundation , Fountain Hills, AZ / Mesa, AZ, 2005-2008.




Serial #: 44-30988
Construction #:
Civilian Registration:
  Pride Of The Yanks
Status: Restoration
Last Info: 2002

Delivered to U.S. Navy As Bu.35857, Mar. 20, 1945.
War Assets Administration, Feb. 28, 1947.
- For disposal.
St. Louis Flying Services, St. Louis-Krats, MO, July 1, 1947.
- Registered as NL5865V.
Continental Airlines, Houston, TX, Jan. 1948-1950.
- Registered as N5865V.
- Reported crew trainer from DC-3 to CV240.
Oilfield Aviation Corp, Houston, TX, Apr. 1950-1960.
- Converted to executive transport.
-- Fitted with airstair.
Atlantic Aviation Corp, Wilmington, DE, Apr. 1960.
Silvio J. Adano, South Merrimack, NH, Apr. 1961.
Graubart Aviation, Valparaiso, IN, Aug. 1961.
Aero Enterprises, Elkhart, IN, May 1962.
Robert Gure, Chicago, IL, Aug. 1962-1963.
- Registered as N5865V.
Air Services, Addison, TX, July 1963-1966.
- Registration N65TI reserved but not taken up.
- Reregistered as N5865V.
- Fitted with avionics, Doppler navigation & radar.
- Used in flight testing for Texas Instruments Co.
Aero Industries, Addison, TX, 1966-1969.
Robert A. Mathews, Jacksonville, NC, Jan. 1971-1972.
Reported derelict at Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1972-1979.
Tom Reilly, Orlando, FL, 1978.
Craig Tims, Conifer, CO & Roanoke, TX, 1981-1985.
- Restored, Kissimee, FL.
- First flight Nov. 1982.
- Registered Aug. 1983.
- Flew as "Big Ole Brew'n Little Ole You".
CAF Southern California Wing, Harlingen, TX, June 1988-2002.
- Under restoration, Camarillo, CA.
- To fly as "Pride Of The Yanks".











Serial #: 45-8835
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model(s): B-25J
Name: Betty's Dream
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2004


Built by North American, Aug. 1945.
Not accepted by USAAF, delivered new to RFC, WalnutRidge, AR, Oct. 31, 1945.
Lodwick Aircraft Industries, Lakeland, FL, Feb. 28, 1946.
- Registered as NX69345.
Bendix Aviation Corp, Teterboro, NJ, June 1946-1966.
- Registered as N69345, 1948.
- Radar & avionics testing, modified radar nose.
Bendix Field Engineering Corp, Columbia, MD, Nov. 1967-1972.
Ernest H. Koons, Edmonton, Alberta, Aug. 1972.
- Registered as CF-DKU.
Aurora Aviation Ltd, Edmonton, Alberta, Dec. 1972-1978.
G&M Aircraft Ltd, St. Albert, Alberta, 1978-1993.
- Registered as C-FDKU.
- Flew as tanker #1 (later #336).
Aero Trader Inc, Chino, CA, Sept. 1993.
- Delivered for resale.
Chris & Patrick Harker/C&P Aviation Services, St. Paul-Anoka County, MN, June 1994-2004.
- Restored to airworthy, Chino, CA, 1994-1999.
-- Bombay doors fitted.
- First flight, Mar. 1999.
- Flown as Betty's Dream.
- Registered as N5672V.








Serial #: 45-8882
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25J
Name: None
Status: Partial Airframe
Last info: 1997


Built Aug. 1945.
Not accepted by USAAF, delivered new to RFC, Walnet Ridge, AR, Oct. 31, 1945.
Albert Trostel & Sons Co, Milwaukee, WI, Aug. 30, 1946-1954.
- Registered as N75754.
- Registered as N32T, Oct. 1948.
J.J. Ryan, Arlington, VA, Sept. 1954-1961.
New Jersey Air Co, Hackensack, NJ, Sept. 1961-1970.
- Open storage, derelict, Teterboro, NJ, 1970-1974.
Hawkeye Military Surplus, Pawling, NY, 1973.
- Broken up, Teterboro, NJ (to rebuild N34E), 1974.
Harry S. Don, New Smyrna BEach,, FL, 19??.
Carl Scholl/Aero Trader, Chino, CA, 1987-1989.
- Forward fuselage section only.
USMC Museum, MCAS Quantico, VA, 1990-1997.
- Nose Only.


Serial #: 45-8883
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model(s): B-25J
Name: Grumpy
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2003



Built, Aug. 1945, not accepted by USAAF, delivered new to Roconstruction Finance Corp, Altus, OK, Oct. 1945.
A.B. Fitzgerald, Fort Worth, TX, Sept. 10, 1946.
- Registered as NL75755.
Albert Trostel & Sons Co, Milwaukee, WI, July 1948-1950.
- Registered as N75755.
Northern Pump Co, Minneapolis, MN, May 1950-1958.
Perter Volid, Chicago, IL, Nov. 1958-1964.
King Korn Stamp Co, Chicago, IL, Feb. 1964.
Dee Banister, Seymour, IN, Feb. 1964-1965.
King Korn Stamp Co, Chicago, IL, Jan. 1965.
- Suffered an engine fire on takeoff, struck trees during emergency landi American Learjet Corp, Tarkio, MD, Dec. 1965-1966.
Jack Adams Aircraft Sales, Walls, MS, Aug. 1966.
R.H. Wood/Wilbert Vault Service, Laurel, MD, Apr. 1967-1973.
Robert W. Trainer, Lancaster, PA, DEc. 1973.
Flight Test Engineering Co, Newalk, DE, Jan. 1974.
- WFU, open storage, Wilmington, DE, 1973-1975.
Canadian Warplane Heritage, Hamilton, Ontario, 1975-2003.
- Registration C-GCWA reserved but not taken up.
- Registered as C-GCWM, May 1975.
- Delivered to Hamilton, Ontario as "She's a Silver Lady".
- Restored to airworthy, first flight May 8, 1976.
- Initially flew as RCAF/HD372/VO-D with D-day invasion stripes on lower fuselage only.
- Acquired name Hot Gen! in 1992.
- Added full D-day fuselage invasion stripes by May 1993.
- Flew as HD372/VO-D/VO-F/Hot Gen! with full wing and fuselage D-day invasion stripes by October 1993.
- Repainted and renamed "Grumpy".

NTSB Identification: CHI66A0017
14 CFR Part 91 General Aviation
Event occurred Monday, August 16, 1965 in NORTHBROOK, IL
Aircraft: NAA B-25J, registration: N75755




Serial #: 44-28925
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: How `Boot That!
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2005


Built in Kansas City, Missouri.
Delivered to USAAF as 44-28925.
- BOC: Aug. 1944.
- SOC: 1958
- Allocated to 380th BS/310th BG/57th BW, Italy.
- Flew more than 80 combat missions in northern Italy,
   Southern Austria and Yugoslavia.
- After war converted to TB-25N configuration.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
Parsons Air Park, Carpenteria, CA, Apr. 1958-1964.
- Registered as N7687C.
- Modified for electronic test equipment, July 1960.
Trans West Air Service/Aerial Applicators Inc, Salt Lake City, UT, Aug. 1964-1969.
Tallmantz Aviation Inc, Orange County, CA, May 1968-1971.
- Flew in movie "Catch 22" as "Tokyo Express", 1968-1969.
Forest Lawn Gardens Veterans Cemetary, Pittsburg, PA, May 1971-1984.
- Airlifted to cemetary by helicopter, Oct. 1972.
- Displayed on pole as 428925/Daisy Jean.
Harry Doan, Daytona Beach, FL, Aug. 1984-1992.
- Trucked to Florida for rebuild, Oct. 1984.
- Stored disassembled, Kissimee, FL, 1984-1990.
James Cavanaugh/The Cavanaugh Flight Museum, Addison, TX, Oct. 1992-2005.
- Restored to airworthy at Chino, CA.
- First flight, June 1995.
- Flown as How `Boot That!'?.





Serial #: 44-86873
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Crashed
Last Info: 1982


Delivered to USAAF as 44-86873, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
Arrow Sales Co, North Hollywood, CA, Apr. 24, 1958.
- Registered as N9639C.
- Reregistered as N87Z, Aug. 1958.
California Aircraft Engine Co, San Lorenzo, CA, Nov. 1958-1959.
Kenneth Staley, Pleasant Hill, CA, Mar. 1959-1960.
- Bombay modified for cargo transport, June 1959.
California Aircraft Engine Co, San Lorenzo, CA, Dec. 1960-1968.
- Fuel tanks installed in bombay and waist are for aerial survey operations, Feb. 1964.
Air Care Inc, Denver, CO, May 1968.
Midwest Seafoods Inc, Denver, CO, May 1968-1971.
Sky Aircraft Sales, Phoenix, AZ, Aug. 1971-1972.
Global Aeronautical Museum, Phoenix, AZ, May 1972.
Marcelo R. Ortiz, Miami, FL, Sept. 1972-1980 - Open storage, Tamiami, FL, 1980-1982.
James W. Wilson, Miami, FL, Mar. 1980.
Santiago Perez, Miami, FL, Apr. 1980.
Marcelo R. Ortiz, Miami, FL, May 1980-1982.
- Crashed during drug run, Long Island, Bahamas, Aug. 2, 1982.


Serial #: 43-27868
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25J
Name: Yellow Rose
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2005
Delivered to USAAF as 43-27868, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1958-1959.
Fogle Aircraft Co, Tucson, AZ, Dec. 1959.
Dothan Aviation Corp, Dothan, AL, 1963-1972.
- Registered as N9077Z.
- Converted for agricultural spraying/dusting, Jan. 1962.
John J. Stokes, San Marcos, TX, Oct. 1975-1977.
Charles Skipper/Charles Becker/Jack Jones, San Antonio, TX, Sept. 1977-1979.
Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, TX, Sep. 19, 1979-1981.
CAF/Yellow Rose Wing, Harlingen, TX, July 1981-2005.
- Registered as N25YR.
- Flown as 327868/8U/"Yellow Rose".
- Based at San Marcos Municipal Airport, TX.



Serial #: 44-86777
Construction #:
Civilian Registration:
Name: Martha Jean
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2008


Delivered to USAAF as 44-86777, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1958-1959.
Fike Plumbing Inc., Phoenix, AZ, 1963-1966
- Registered as N9167Z.
James E. Landon, Phoenix, AZ, 1969.
Allan R. Crosby & Richard T. Crosby/Crosby Enterprises Inc, Wauwatosa, WI, 1970-1987
- Flew as "486777/BD-777/The Devil Made Me Do It".
Tom Reilly Vintage Aircraft Inc., Kissimee, FL, 1987-1988.
- Restored and fitted with glasshouse nose.
Ed Stringfellow/Mid South Lumber Co., Cropwell, AL, June 1988-1992.
- Flew as Martha Jean.
Executive Aviation, Cincinatti, OH, Nov. 1992-1997.
- Registered as N345BG, Mar. 1993.
- Flew as Martha Jean.
Bud Firth/Lost in the Forties Aviation, Baton Rouge, LA, Apr. 22, 1997-1999.
David Wheaton/Blue Yonder Inc., Tulsa, OK, 1999-2008
- Restored to airworthy, Chino, CA.
- Flown as 0-486777/MSLC/Martha Jean.



Serial #: 44-29128
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
  Mitchell Mk. III
Name: None
Status: Displayed
Last Info: 2002

Delivered to RCAF as 5236.
- BOC: Jan. 24, 1952.
- SOC: May 23, 1962.
Columbus L. Woods, Lewiston, MT, Apr. 10, 1962.
- Registered as N92872.
Roy M. Egeland, Missoula, MT, Apr. 1962.
Air Cargo Enterprises, Pocatello, ID, Oct. 1962.
Roy M. Egeland, Missoula, MT, Feb. 1963-1964.
Midwest Aviation, Portland, OR, Mar. 1964.
Roy M. Egeland, Missoula, MT, July 1964.
Lebate Corp, Culver City, CA, 1966-1970.
Museum of Technology, Mexico City, 1972-2002.
- Displayed on pole, Chapultepec Park, Mexico City.





Serial #: 44-30737
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Destroyed
Last Info: 1976


Delivered to USAAF as 44-30737, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Aug. 1958-1960.
National Metals, Phoenix, AZ, Jan. 15, 1960.
- Registered as N9446Z.
Bob Turner, Tucson, AZ, Apr. 1960 Richard B. Flint, Tucson, AZ, Nov. 1960-1962.
Donald Aircraft Corp., Tucson, AZ, Apr. 1862-1967.
Hudgin Air Service, Tucson, AZ, 1967.
Darryl Berg, Los Angeles & San Diego, CA, June 1967-1972
I. N. "Junior" Burchinal, Paris, TX, Dec. 1972-1974
Air Chicago Freight Lines, Chicago, IL, July 18, 1974-1975
War Aero Inc., Chicago, IL, April 1, 1975-1976
- Destroyed in fatal crash at Chicago, IL, August 6, 1976.
-- Apparent cause was engine failure during take-off.




Serial #: 44-30129
Construction #:
Civil Registry:
Name: None
Status: Airworthy
Last Info: 2006


Delivered to USAAF as 44-30129, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
P.J. Murray, Oxnard, CA, June 16, 1958.
- Registered as N7947C.
American Investments Syndicate, La Mesa, CA, Sept. 1958-1961.
C.C. Wilson, San Diego, CA, Nov. 1961-1963.
Aero Enterprises, Elhart, IN, Jan., 1963.
Arthur Jones, Skidell, LA, Jan. 1963-1964.
- Damaged during gear up landing, Cincinatti-Lunken, OH, Feb. 1963.
Cincinatti Aircraft Inc, Cincinatti, OH, 1963.
Walter Soplata Collection, Newbury, OH, Sept. 1964-1990.
Steven A. Detch, Alpharetta, GA, Dec. 1990-1997.
Gerald Yagen/Training Services Inc, Suffolk, VA, Dec. 1997-2006.
- Restored to airworthy, first flight Nov. 19, 2005.


By Paul Lugannani
of The Enquirer Staff
February 21, 1963


A crippled twin-engine aircraft, loaded with some 2000 reptiles of a wild animal show, made a spectacular wheels-up landing Wednesday afternoon at Lunken Airport and the pilot walked away. In a thrill-packed 15 minutes, the World War II type B-25 plane, came in, one engine dead, the other failing, with the landing gear jammed.

The co-pilot had bailed out minutes before, after Leonard McGee Downe, Calif., the pilot assessed the hazards compounded by a 24-mph cross wind. Roy Hurst 25, Meridian, Miss., the co-pilot, suffered scratches and head cuts when he parachuted from 3000 feet and landed in a tree near Newtown. He was taken to General Hospital.

The plane, Wild Cargo, is a World War II medium bomber of the type used in the famous Doolittle raid on Tokyo. It was converted into a transport by its owner, Arthur Jones, Sildell, La., television performer and producer of an animal show scheduled to open Saturday at Music Hall. Mr. Jones later said the show will go on. The “passenger” list included four alligators.

The pilot was minutes out of Lunken, en route from Sildell, when he radioed the control tower that his airplane’s right engine was dead and the landing gear inoperable. As he circled the field at 6000 feet to reduce the gas load, tension mounted on the ground, where nearly a dozen police and fire department vehicles took up standby emergency positions.

Cincinnati Fire Marshal Ben Ballard marshalled the forces to the north end of the main runway which angles south from Beechmont Levee. He stretched 1000 feet of hose under pressure from a Wilmer Avenue hydrant and was ready to pursue the plane with 3000 more feet.

DON’T GO TILL I give the signal - and remember there are alligators in there.. Human life first, then animals if possible, he told his men who were clad in aluminum asbestos heat resistant suits. From the control tower Wesley Schaffer, chief, calmly conversed with the pilot of the stricken craft, suggesting safety procedures.

At 3:05 p.m. Pilot McGee and veteran of 20 years in the air and a ferry pilot in World War II, reported the co-pilot was going to parachute. Mr. Hurst delayed his jump until the plane had passed north of the field. He disappeared in a wooded area.

Moments after the Orange and white chute blossomed, Mr. McGee circled to the left and began the grim, wheels-up approach to the runway. All who say it agreed it was a perfect crash landing. For a moment it appeared the worst would happen fire. Midway along a 400 foot, grinding slide there was flame among the myriad of trailing sparks.

FORTUNATELY, the flame died of its own accord just as the craft ground to a halt. However, fire in the electrical system filled the cabin with smoke. Marshal Ballard stopped it by disconnecting the battery. Mr. McGee virtually catapulted himself out of the top escape hatch, the door of which he previously had jettisoned.

Running for his life, Mr. McGee collapsed on another runway 200 feet away. “That was something! He gasped-“Just let me sit here awhile and say nothing.” After a pause: “I hope that co-pilot made it. He cracked his head hard when he went out.”

Moments later, refreshed by a cigarette in a police cruiser, he explained:

“I didn't get shook until that final approach. As I was coming down that second engine started going out on me. I didn't think I’d have enough power left to reach the field. I shut off the fuel before touchdown.”

That precaution apparently spared firemen from fighting a major fire. Firemen unloaded the trussed alligators and crates of snakes and turtles. “Boy I felt good when I saw all of that equipment down there.” Mr. McGee said gratefully to a fireman.


Serial #: 44-29678
Construction #:
Civilian Registration:
  Mk. III
Name: None
Status: Scrapped
Last Info: 1989

Delivered to RAF as KJ692, Nov. 11, 1944.
- Delivered via Montreal.
Delivered to French AF as KJ692.
- BOC: Mar. 1945.
- SOC: 1951.
- Flew as FRAFE.
- Used as staff transport.
-- Fitted with upholstered interior.
- Damaged after gear collapse, Luxeuil, France, July 28, 1951.
Babb Co. Inc., Newark, NJ, 1952-1954
- Repaired, delivered to USA.
- Registered as N9958F, 1953.
- Advertised for sale in flyable condition, June 1953.
Bob Bean Aircraft, Blythe, CA, 1963-1966.
Glen W. Dunn, Lawndale, CA, 1969-1970
Registered as XB-DOF by ??, 19??.
- Displayed in Mexico City.
- Scrapped, 1989.




Serial #: 43-28059
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: Apache Princess
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2005


Delivered to USAAF as 43-28059, 19??.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, Dec. 1957-1958.
Blue Mountain Air Service, La Grande, OR, Sept. 10, 1958-1959.
- Registered as N9857C.
- Converted to air tanker, April, 1959.
-- Fitted with 1000 gallon tank.
Earl "Red" Dodge, Anchorage, AK, Dec. 1959-1970.
- Flew as tanker #4.
Edgar L. Thorsrud, Missoula, MT, July 1970-1979.
Max Power Inc, Carlsbad, CA, Dec. 1979-1980.
Holden Aviation Services, Lamont, Alberta, Sept. 1980-1981.
- Registered as C-GTTM.
Aero Trader, Borrego Springs, CA, May 1981.
- Registered as N26795.
Kermit Weeks/Weeks Air Museum, Tamiami, FL, May 1981.
Kermit A. Weeks/Fantasy Of Flight, Polk City, FL, July 1984-2005.
- Registered as N1943J.
- Rebuilt to flying condition by Aero Trader, Chino, CA, 1983-2000.
- First flight, Mar. 17, 2000.
- Flown as 152/Apache Princess.
Rear fuselage and parts of N9857C stored in Aero Trader's yard, Ocotillo Wells, CA, 2000.




Serial #: 108-47694
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25J-37NC
Last Info:



"Catch-22" as "6S", no name; never Tallmantz; bought in Mexico for use in film; damaged beyond repair during filming and reportedly buried on site at Guaymas, Mexico.






Serial #: 45-8882
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25J
Name: None
Status: Partial Airframe
Last info: 1997

Built Aug. 1945.
Not accepted by USAAF, delivered new to RFC, Walnet Ridge, AR, Oct. 31, 1945.
Albert Trostel & Sons Co, Milwaukee, WI, Aug. 30, 1946-1954.
- Registered as N75754.
- Registered as N32T, Oct. 1948.
J.J. Ryan, Arlington, VA, Sept. 1954-1961.
New Jersey Air Co, Hackensack, NJ, Sept. 1961-1970.
- Open storage, derelict, Teterboro, NJ, 1970-1974.
Hawkeye Military Surplus, Pawling, NY, 1973.
- Broken up, Teterboro, NJ (to rebuild N34E), 1974.
Harry S. Don, New Smyrna BEach,, FL, 19??.
Carl Scholl/Aero Trader, Chino, CA, 1987-1989.
- Forward fuselage section only.
USMC Museum, MCAS Quantico, VA, 1990-1997.
- Nose Only.




Serial #: 44-29910
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Model: B-25J
Name: None
Last info:



Out of service 1965