Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Operational Photos

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This section relates to all matters associated to when the A/B-26 Invader flew in service with the USAAF and USAF as well as other Air Forces.
It encompasses features of how the aircraft looked when she flew in combat in three wars, as well as how the Invader was adapted for and undertook specialist roles when she was in service.
Airframe mods, missions and the development of the Invader also played a big part in her life, as well as her contribution to the aeronautical industry, of an aircraft that saw over three decades of military action.
The majority of the photos are in black and white due to the era of that period and reflect how the Invader managed to survive her time on the front line.

For Johnny by John Pudney




Military - Colour


Military - In the air - Black & White

Military - On the ground Ground - Black & White

French Air Force in Algeria - Julien Lepelletier

French Air Force in Indochina - Julien Lepelletier

Korea 1951