Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Special Projects

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The Douglas A/B-26 Invader was used for various development roles during its long life, based on several factors.
  • Its ability to be flown as a single man crew.
  • Having the power and performance to fully comlement the test facility it was acting for.
  • Its capacity to carry a sizeable payload
  • The large numbers of surplus airframes available.
But mainly due to its proven record throughout its military history and the ease at whch aircrew found in flying the aircraft.
This section identifies just some of the areas in which the A-26 was utilised to carry out such development work both during and after the war years.

Misc. weapons and targeting equipment

The "Hell Roarer"

Aircraft modified for special weapons systems


Ejection seat test bed aircraft

Target tug aircraft

All weather flying center

Highball ( Codename Speedee )

Misc. Weapons and associated systems in detail


  • M2 Machine gun

  • XA-26B ( 41-19588 )

  • HVAR

  • FFAR

  • Napalm

  • SSU-14/A Submunition dispenser

  • "Rockeye" Cluster Bomb

  • MK 82 ( Non Guided ) Bomb

On a factual but lighter note