Grumman F7F Tigercat

Pilots Notes

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Associated reading

NACA Research memorandum

The above document covers the buffetting of external fuel
tanks at high speed.

Pilots Notes











Preliminary checks:

Control Locks - OFF
Ignition Switch - OFF
Mixture Controls - IDLE CUTOFF
Main Wheel Chocks - IN PLACE
Flight Controls - FREE
Battery Switch - ON

Check fuel and oil quantities, communications equipment, followed by the gunsight light and oxygen equipment.

Armament Switches - OFF
Gun Charging Handles - SAFE
Altimeter - SET

Reach forward and pull and rotate a small recessed knob under the attitude indicator and directional gyro to uncage both instruments. With that done glance left and right to assure that the prop areas are clear of not only personnel but ground service equipment.

Cockpit and Panel Lights - SET
Exterior Lights - TESTED
Radar Unit - CHECKED

Set the engine selector value to BOTH and place the fuel tank selector switch to the RESERVE tank detent.

After switching on the Fuel Boost Pump flick the Primer switch to the ON position several times in rapid succession.

Start engines.

Check that the ignition switches are both off and then turn off the battery. 

Lineman will now hand rotated each prop.

First the left and then the right prop.

After five complete rotations they must back away to a safe distance. The Line Chief then gives a thumbs up to start the engines.

Battery Switch - ON
Mixtures - IDLE CUTOFF
Fuel Tank Selector - Checked RESERVE
Supercharger - LOW
Carburetor Air - NORMAL
Cowl Flaps - FULL OPEN
Oil Cooler Doors - OPEN
Generators - ON
Prop Controls - FULL INCREASE
Throttle Levers -OPEN 1 inch
Fuel Booster Pump - Checked ON

Now switch your attention to the Pilot's Switch Box located by your right knee and start the right engine first:

Primer Switch - RIGHT & ON
Ignition Switches - ON - BOTH MAGS (Magnetos) for Right Engine
Starter Switch - Right Engine and ON

Advanced the right engine mixture control to the AUTO-RICH position as the engine comes to life.

Repeate this procedure a second time for the No 2 engine.

Adjust the throttles to idle, so the engines are at 1000 RPM.

Ground checks were now performed to ensure that the engines were operating within acceptable limits.

The magnetos are checked along with the superchargers.

Check the propeller controls and a check of the feathering controls.

The carburetor idle mixture is confirmed within limits and then the engines must be set to 2000 RPM

Engine instruments must be checked, paying particular attention to oil and fuel pressures, cylinder head temperatures (CHT) and the Manifold Pressure (MAP). Fuel pumps, hydraulic pressure, and rudder boost control.

Now reach over with your left hand and cycle the flap lever to ensure that four trail edge flaps all moved correctly and in unison. After running through checks of the generator system activate the pitot heater.