Grumman F7F Tigercat

Known Airframes

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80373 (C/n C.115) became N7654C.  Now at National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola,FL.
80374 became N7629C.  Acquired by USMC in 1981 for display at Quantico, VA but sold 1982 to private owner.  Reported Nov 2007 that restoration to flying condition is almost complete.
80375 (c/n C.117) reported 1976 with USMC Museum, MCAS Quantico, VA. Reported Oct 1987 derelict in storage area of Pima County Air Museum, Tucson, AZ
80382 (c/n C.124) passed to USMC Museum, MCAS Quantico, VA.
Reported 1975 to be in poor condition and trucked to USNAM, NAS Pensacola, FL.  Reported 1988 at Yankee Air Force Museum, Willow Run, MI.  Later at Planes of Fame, Chino, CA.
80390 (c/n C.132) became N6129C, registration N700FM reserved but
NTU.  Became N700F.  Noted Mar 1980 at Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum marked as NX700F.  Identified as F7F-3P.  Put up for sale in 2008
80397 (c/n C.139) became N6177C.  Crashed at Ukiah, CA Aug 31, 1974.
80400 (c/n C.142) became N7619C
80404 (c/n C.146) became N7626C. Reported in 1986 to be at Weeks Air Museum, Tamiani, FL
80410 (c/n C.152) became N7627C.  Wreck reported in 1972 stored at
Santa Rosa, CA, Reported 1988 stored dismantled at Borrego Springs, CA and later that year at Weeks Air Museum, Tamiana, FL.  Later at Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, AZ. When seen there Mar 11, 2004, carried civil registration N7627C
80411 modified by Bell Aircraft in 1946 as radio controlled drone.
80412 (c/n C.154) became N7628C.  Crashed on landing at Ukiah, CA
July 1966.  Wreck reported 1972 stored at Santa Rosa, CA. Reported 1988 stored dismantled at Borrego Springs, CA, and later that year at Weeks Air Museum, Tamiani, FL. Later with Planes of Fame East, Minnesota as NX207F
80425 (c/n C.167) to civil registry as N7235C.  Reported 1982 with Military Aircraft Restoration Group, Chino, CA.  Now with Fighter Collection at Duxford, UK as G-RUMT. Registered N909TC Jul 10, 2007
80434 (VMF-513) MIA Mar 2, 1951.  2 crew MIA.
80457 (MAG-33) crashed Jul 15, 1952.  2 crew MIA
80483 (c/n C.225) became N6178C.  Delivered to Duxford, England
Nov 13, 1988.
80494 (c/n C.236) became N6179C.  Crashed at Rohnerville, CA Sep 26, 1974.
80503 (c/n C.245) noted Oct 1973 unconverted and dismantled in hut
at Sequoia, CA.  Registered 1988 to Lone Star Flight Museum of Houston, TX as N800RW.  Rebuilt by Durrell Skurich of Ft. Collins, CO.  Registration N805MB reserved Apr 2, 2003.  Registration N805MB
taken up Jun 25, 2003.  Bought and restored and displayed by Lone
Star Flight Museum, Galveston, TX during the 1990.s  Bought in 2003 and is now flown as a raceplane at Reno, NV.
80525 (c/n C.261) became N7238C.  Crashed at Rohnerville, CA Oct 21, 1974
80532 (c/n C.268) became N7195C
80536 (c/n C.272) became N7625C
80548 converted to XF7F-4N.
80549/80608 Grumman F7F-3N Tigercat
80609/80620 Grumman F7F-4N Tigercat
80621/80758 Grumman F7F Tigercat  contract 


Bu. 80373  (D-02)
Bu. 80374  (?-01)
Bu. 80375  (?-88)
Bu. 80382  (D-07)
  Bu. 80390  (A-02)
Bu. 80397  (W-74)
Bu. 80404  (?-04)
Bu. 80410  (D-02)
  Bu. 80412  (A-02)
Bu. 80425  (A-02)
Bu. 80483  (A-02)
Bu. 80494  (W-74)
  Bu. 80503  (A-04)
Bu. 80525  (W-74)
Bu. 80532  (A-02)
Bu. 80536  (W-63)