North American B-25 Mitchell


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  • Aero Trader: Site maintained by the famous restoration company based at Chino, California.
  • B-25s in Museums: Aviation Enthusiast's aircraft locator for the B-25 Mitchell.
  • CAF: Southern California Wing: Site with information on the restoration of PBJ-1 Semper Fi, the only surviving genuine complete Navy B-25.
  • B-25 Crash Site: Interesting site with current photos detailing B-25D 41-29828 that crashed near Bedford, Virginia, on February 2, 1943.
  • Joe Baugher's B-25 Mitchell Page: A comprehensive source on all things B-25.
  • Fighter Factory: Page detailing the restoration of B-25J 44-30129, now flying again.
  • Heavenly Body: Page with information about the Van Nuys, California, based B-25J N8195H (44-30748), including airshow schedule.
  • Mid Atlantic Air Museum: Information and photo of the Mid Atlantic Museum's B-25J, (44-29939, N9456Z), marked as the original WWII Briefing Time and based at Reading, Pennsylvania.
  • The Boeing B-25: The website history of the B-25 as maintined by that company the eventually absorbed North American, the Boeing Company.
  • B-25N Pacific Prowler: Home page for Jim Terry's B-25N based at Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Paul Mantz: King of the Hollywood Pilots: Nice page at a Cinerama site devoted to Paul Mantz, who used his famous B-25 as a camera ship.
  • Rag Wings and Radials: Site with information about Panchito, B-25J 44-30734 (N9079Z), currently operated by Rag Wings and Radials. Photos and other information is available at the site.
  • Red Bull B-25: A page in German on B-25J 44-86893 (N6123C) operated as Red Bull from the Salzburg Airport in Austria.
  • SAC Museum B-25s: Page dedicated to the B-25's service with the Strategic Air Command and information on B-25J 44-30363 on display.
  • Tom Griffith's B-25 Site: A personal site with B-25 photos and information.
  • USAF Museum: Page devoted to B-25D 43-3374, restored to appear as Doolittle B-25B 40-2344, on display at the Air Force Museum at Dayton, Ohio.
  • USAF Museum Virtual Aircraft Gallery: Excellent series of pages on the B-25 maintained by the USAF Museum.


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