North American B-25 Mitchell

Killer Bee

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All of the information below was kindly supplied by Tom Reilly

Anyone who has attended an airshow on the east coast in the last ten years is probably familiar with Killer B. Another name synonymous with this aircraft is Tom Reilly. He not only restored the bomber, but maintained and operated this Mitchell; then purchased and moved her to its new home base at Douglas, Georgia (DQH).

During and after WWII, many nations operated the B-25 including Venezuela, where this bomber served with the Venezuelan Air Force. She was then delivered to the United States Army Air Force on 15 June 1945. With the end of the war the aircraft was placed in storage.

Under the Military Assistance Program, the bomber was transferred to the Royal Canadian Air Force in January 1952. In August of 1963, the aircraft was sold to Bellomy Aviation of Miami, Florida. In December 1963, the Mitchell was obtained by the Fuerza Aerea Venezolana, who operated it until it was retired in the 1970s. She was stored in Venezuela until 1992. The bomber was sold to Aztec Aviation Consulting of Miami and was purchased in September and auctioned off at the Tico Warbird airshow.

The winning bid went to Bill and Marie Leary. Tom was at the airshow and introduced himself and told Bill that he specialized in rebuilding B-25s.

Tom was hired to breathe life back into this tired old bomber, and a ground-up rebuild was started at Tom’s Flying Tigers Restoration Museum in Kissimmee, Florida.

The bomber was finished in a North African-style camouflage with markings that included a yellow outline around the national insignia signifying Operaton Torch. The British-style tail flash was applied as well as the nose art Killer B. The bomber made its first post-restoration flight in August 1995.


Serial #: 44-31508
Construction #:
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Stored
Last Info: 2006

“Killer B”

#44-86697 • N62163

• Delivered to USAAF as #44-86697, 1945

• Construction #: 108-47451. BOC: January 24, 1952. SOC: May 23, 1962

• Model - B-25J

• Columbus L. Woods/Woods Body Shop, Lewistown, MT, April 10, 1962

• Acquired from Canadian Crown Assets and registered as N92876

• Bellomy Aviation, Miami, FL, August 1963

• Delivered to Venezuelan AF as FAV 11A40, 0953, December 1963 (noted in open

storage, El Libertador AB, Venezuela, 1991.)

• Aztec Aviation Consulting, Miami, FL, July 1992

• Steven A. Detch, Alpharetta, GA, September 1992

• Dismantled in Venezuela and crated/shipped to USA

• Tricon Aero Corporation, Elmwood Park, NJ, September 1992 (William P. Leary,

February 17, 1993 - 2006). Registered as N62163.

• Rebuilt to airworthy status by Tom Reilly Vintage Aircraft, Inc., 1993-1995.

• First flight, August 1995.

• Flown as “Killer B” in RAF camouflage and operated by Tom Reilly, Flying Tigers

Warbird Restoration Museum, Kissimmee, FL

• Purchased by Tom Reilly in 2006.

• Status: Airworthy