Douglas A/B-26 Invader


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Many of the Images shown on this site are from the links given below.
Many thanks to all those site owners for contributing their shots and providing enthusiasts with some amazing photographs

I would like to thank all those Photographers and Graphic artists, who have given permission, for me to use there work included within this Web site.
I can honestly say without exception, that everyone I have contacted has given me their unequivocal support.
I would also like to thank all those I have contacted but am still awaiting their confirmation on this matter.
I have tried my best to apply accreditation to photographers who have donated photographs for this site, however if I have failed to credit any one's property on this site then please contact me on and I will apply credit immediately.
Thank you

  • A considerable contribution has been made by Scott Rose's
In providing invaluable historical and technical information for this site.


  • For history and data on individual Invaders throughout the site, I would like to credit the Warbirds Worldwide Directory by John Chapman, thank you John.



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