Douglas A/B-26 Invader


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03/05/2013                      Two fantastic new books, "To war in
                                        a  Spitfire" and "In support of the few"
17/05/2013                      Rex Mays
28/05/2013                      Air Enthusiast article by Robert Stitt
28/05/2013                     Air Enthusiast article by Robert Stitt
1/07/2013                       The Dave N collection
15/08/2013                     The making of film"Always"
20/08/2013                     Kermit Weeks Invader
20/08/2013                     So you want to buy an Invader
10/09/2013                     Mark Hillier-Aviation historian and Author
12/09/2013                    "Sexy Sue" wing spar repair - August 2013
                                      On Going feature
26/09/2013                     Legacy - Brothers in arms
27/09/2013                    Restoring A-26 Whistler's Mother
04/10/2013                    The Sandra More collection
28/11/13                        Robert Stitt article on Conair

12/04/2014                    "Sexy Sue" wing spar repair - August 2013
                                      On Going feature
1/05/2014                       J.H. Wilson's comments on UK
                                       Invaders tested for evaluation and the
                                       death of his father.
10/09/2014                     A new piece of art by Greg Percival
10/09/2014                     A tribute from Linc's daughter
10/12/2014                     Lynn Hamilton letter, Air Spray
10/12/2014                     Charles Stevens letter Smith Tempo II
22/12/2014                     Sexy Sue wing mod update
11/03/2015                     A-26 slides and photos for sale

22/09/2015                    A Fighter Command Station At War