Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Conair No.29

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Serial #: 44-34423
Construction #: 27702
Civil Registration:
  On Mark (See History)
Name: None
Status: Display
Last info: 2002




Built as A-26B-56-DL, 44-34423, by the Douglas Aircraft Company at Long Beach, California.


Jun 4, 1945. Delivered to the USAAF. To 4127th AAF Base Unit (Air Materiel Command) at McClellan AAF, California storage

Feb 1949.... To Sacramento Air Materiel Command at McClellan AAF storage (redesignated as a B-26B)

Feb 1951.... To Douglas Aircraft at Long Beach overhaul

Apr 1951.... To Ogden Air Materiel Area, Hill AFB, Utah converted to B-26C and prepared for delivery to the Far East Air Force for the Korean War

May 1951... To 3rd Bombardment Wing (Light), FEAF, Iwakuni AB, Japan

Jul 1951...... To 13th Aircraft Repair Station, FEAF, Tachikawa AB, Japan

Aug 1951... To 452nd Bombardment Wing (Light), FEAF, Pusan AB, Korea and Miho AB, Japan

May 1952... To 17th Bombardment Wing (Light), FEAF, Pusan AB, Korea and Miho AB, Japan

Mar 1953... To 6408th Maintenance Support Group, FEAF, Kisarazu AB, Japan

May 1953... To San Francisco, California

Jul 1953...... To Ogden Materiel Area, Hill AFB, Utah converted back to B-26B

Apr 1954.... To 184th Reconnaissance (Tactical) Squadron (Air National Guard), Fort Smith MAP, Arizona

Nov 1956... To 184th Bomber (Tactical) Squadron (ANG), Rosecrans MAP, St. Joseph, Montana

Jul 1957...... To Arizona Aircraft Storage Branch (AMC), Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona

Jan 1958..... Dropped from inventory

Oct 1960.... To Stahmann Farms, Las Cruces, New Mexico as N9594Z. Initially delivered to Hamilton Aircraft at Tucson, Arizona for removal of military equipment

Jan 1961..... To new airfield at Stahmann Farms. Used as a corporate transport and to protect pecan crops from spring and fall frosts. Converted as a long-range Cold War escape vehicle to Peru with addition of nose fuel cell, On Mark tip tanks, spar and leading edge reinforcements, cabin seats, toilet and lighting and ventilation systems. Little used after 1965

1972........... Sold to Victor Newman of El Paso, Texas two in-flight engine failures.

1974........... Sold to Conair Aviation, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada as C-GHLI and converted to a forest fire control airtanker for the 1975 fire season

Jul 1, 1984.. Damaged by fire Jul 1, 1984 at Williams Lake air tanker base during a fuel pump change to local scrap yard

1990........... To Aero Nostalgia, Stockton, California for static rebuild as a B-26C for Fairchild Heritage Foundation, Fairchild AFB, Washington.


Researched by: Robert Stitt,