Douglas A/B-26 Invader

N7705C - "In and out of uniform"

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Only three A-26Cs were built at Santa Barbara Plant and all the other "C"s were built in Tulsa. This pic shows the outgoing line at the plant in Santa Barbara (N7705C was one of the three, another is preserved at Warner-Robbins, Macon, GA.)


This is 12th AirForce at Calcutta. These planes often flew escort to the bombers flying over the "Hump" and had camels stencilled on the nose for each mission. 7705 was used as a recon/fighter.


This shot is of 7705's day of delivery to ON MARK for civilizing. (note the Korean Conflict night fighter paint and the spray painted FAA registration on the starboard nacelle). I believe this photo was taken at Davis-Monthan.





The four shots above show 7705 at Chino, following her roll as corporate transport







Bill Baldwin who supplied the six shots above wrote:
"I'm a big fan of A-26s! I cut a deal for N7705C back in 1974-1975 and wasn't able to do much else but hold off the aluminum scappers as I never really paid-up on the deal, but it worked and even though it sat for 11 years it finally got restored"
I offered $5000 for it at Rusk Aviation and was accepted but Couldn't put together a plan to move the plane to my property to do the work. As the months rolled by, we went over the entire plane's systems except for the starboard engine it was pretty much flyable. Someone else made an offer from Chino, CA and I gave up on the idea. I gain a lot of knowedge on the plane and A-26s in general.The previous owner was a construction supply outfit in Gulfport, Mississippi. It spent 11 years in Chino before anyone got around to restoring her.






As she is today, with Historic Invaders Aviation

Serial #: 44-35710
Construction #: 28989
Civil Registration:
  On Mark Marketeer
Name: Hard To Get
Status: Airworthy
Last info: 2002


Delivered to USAAF as 44-35710.
- BOC: May 1945.
- SOC: June 16, 1956.
- Stored at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ, 1956-1958.
- Sold as surplus for $2,084, Mar. 1958.
Les Bowman, Balboa, CA, Mar. 1958.
- Registered as N7705C.
Mayhew Supply Inc, Gulfport, MS, 1963.
Appliance Buyers Credit Corp, St. Joseph, MI, 1964-1969.
Rusk Aviation, Kankakee, IL, 1972.
Eugene H. Akers, San Diego, CA, 1977-1988.
- Open Storage, Chino, CA, 1978-1994.
- Attempted delivery to USAFM, 1986.
-- Engine failure forced return to Chino and storage.
David C. Tallichet/MARC, Chino, CA, 1989-1994.
Pacific Fighters, Chino, CA, 1994-1995.
 (Kankakee Queen)
- Restored to airworthy started, 1994-1995.
Richard Nivo/Historic Invader Aviation Corp, Las Vegas, NV
& Amsterdam, Netherlands, Dec. 1, 1995-2000.
- Restoration completed, 1996-1997.
- First Flight, Dec. 1997.
- Flew as 435710/58/Hard TO Get.
J. Schattman/Historic Invader Assoc., Amsterdam-Schiphol, Netherlands, May 19, 2000-2001.
- Registered as OO-INV.
Historic Invader Aviation Corp, Las Vegas, NV, July 9, 2001-2002.
- Registered as N7705C.
- Flown as #58/Hard to Get.