Douglas A/B-26 Invader

The last operational Invader

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The last operational Invader




Jon Eckert sent me the above shot with a note:




My summer job on the ramp at Stapleton in Denver brought me in contact with N317V. I gave her special attention since I had flown in ANG -26s several times and loved every minute.

My Dad was in the NG Bureau and flew it a bunch while there.  At 17 (1954) years old,  he signed me up in the DC ANG and we flew in it an the sister ship for over 50 hours.  Then I went to collage in Colorado where I ran into Humphrey's.  What a fantastic bird. 

Here's 610 at Lowry.
Thanks Jon




The amazing shot above, was sent in by Thomas Singfield of the Gatwick Aviation Society - Click here for a link to their site


The above shot shows "The last B-26 Douglas Invader" belonging to the 131st Bombardment Wing, Missouri Air National Guard leaves Lambert Field on Dec. 15, 1957.


Serial #: 44-34610
Construction #: 27889
Civil Registration:
Name: None
Status: Stored
Last info: 2002


ANG Bureau, SOC: Oct. 12, 1972.
- Last operational Invader.
, Silver Hill, MD, 1972-2002.
- Handed over at Andrews AFB, MD, Sept. 17, 1972.
- Stored.
- Intended for display at Dulles Annex, 2003.
Donated to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum.


Note: The NASM VB-26B ('V' for VIP transport) began flying in the AAF in 1944 with the designation A-26B-61-DL, military serial number 44-34610. The Smithsonian knows nothing of its early service history but in 1951, the Air Force assigned it to the Maryland Air National Guard based at Andrews Air Force Base. In 1972, it was flying to support the Chief of the National Guard Bureau when the Air Force retired the airplane and donated it to the museum on September 17.
It had logged over 9,300 flying hours, an unusually high number for a military type.