Douglas A/B-26 Invader

On Mark Marketeer "Sexy Sue" - Owner and operators, Peter and Lorrie Hambling

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Peter Hambling
Co founder along with John Mercer
and President of Digital Control Inc.
I was recently contacted by Peter Hambling, owner and operator of On Mark Marketeer NL7079G.
Peter wrote

Well I'm the one who loves A26's and I confess it was my weakness that caused the purchase, but I like to include my dear wife Lorrie in the debacle so I have some company!

The plane is owned by an LLC company called Alien Invaders, which is a play on the fact that I am sort of an "Alien" here in the USA because I'm half British, half American and carry two passports etc.




















Peter continues....

We would be delighted to send you some recent shots of her in addition to the one from last Thursday in Grangeville, Idaho. You must be in England judging by the email address. I'm from Yoxford, Suffolk near Ipswich and Norwich but grew up in the Seattle area where we live now. I met Maurice Hammond a few times and will see him again this summer when we're there for a month, knew the original and current folks at Historic Flying though I haven't been there for some years, and my dad's girlfriend now and from 65 years ago originally married his friend Gordon Bellerby who flew PL965 a photo-Reconnaissance MKIX Spitfire now flying out of North Weald etc etc it goes on and on.

With kind regards, Peter Hambling


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Peter Hambling

Peter ( Below right ) grew up in Seattle surrounded by aviation.

His father was an RAF pilot and worked for British Airways and then Royal Brunei Airlines. Peter got a pilot’s license at 16 and studied aeronautical engineering at UW and then low-speed fluid dynamics and turbulence at a NATO grad school in Brussels. 

Peter continues, I got into a PhD program at Cornell, but I realized that it was more fun working with people than with computers, so I decided to get an MBA and SOM was where I wanted to go. It was a major change in direction for me and I just loved it.

I worked at a number of places after SOM, including NASA, SPA, 3M, and Orbital Sciences, and then in 1991 I started a company called Digital Control Incorporated that designs electronic tracking systems for the kind of drills that allow companies to install fiber-optic cable, powerlines, sewer, water, or other utilities underground. We have offices in the United States, Germany, Australia, China, India, and Russia.



Peter on the right, with his business partner and Digital Control Inc. Co founder John Mercer