Douglas A/B-26 Invader

The Al Cavalli collection

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Al Cavalli served as Engineer-gunner on the A-26 between 1944-1946
Thanks for the shots and Bio Al.

Al Cavalli's Bio
I was enrolled in the Academy Of Aeronautics when it was absorbed by the USAAF who shortened the courses.
After graduation I was assigned to the Newcastle Army Air Base in Delaware as a mechanic prepping aircraft for delivery overseas, later serving as a Junior Instructor to Mechanical Helpers.
In 1943 along with a friend, I volunteered to be drafted and was assigned to the USAAF and Aircraft Mechanic training. I applied for pilot training but was turned down for physical reasons and was sent to aerial gunnery school and assigned to an A-26 group.
After Operational training with pilot LT "Buzz" Pusard, I was given three "last" furloughs before shipping to California to pick up a plane and fly to Hawaii, then to the Pacific theater...which never happened with the war ending.
I was shipped to Moody Field, GA where I met my future wife. I was discharged in Feb., 1946 and returned home to GA. in June to be married.
We had 4 children, but I sadly lost my wife to Cancer after 45 years of wedded bliss.
I have 6 Grandchildren and 2 Great Grand Children, which never would have happened had I been sent overseas.




Above, This photo was taken at the 123rd Air Base unit , Marianna, FL.
2nd from left is me, Al Cavalli, 3rd from left is Bill Dietz, 4th is Bill Farley & 5th is Palmarino Bianconi.


Above, Back row Bill Dietz, & me Al Cavalli


Above, Bianconi, me and the pilot


Above, taken on a RON (Remain Overnight) trip to Wash.DC. Starting on pilot Lt. Buzz Pusard (who rose to Lt. Col),  Al Cavalli,  Pilot (?) & Sgt Cassioux enjoying a night on the town.