Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Development - Wold Corp.

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Wold Corp.


The Wold Invader was powered by two Pratt and Whitney R-2800-CB-16 engines, rated at 2,400 h.p. with water injection, and driving Hamilton Standard reversing propellers. Although of somewhat small cross-section, the fuselage is luxuriously furnished for eight passengers in four large reclining chairs and a divan. The cabin is "super-soundproofed" and provided with a toilet and extensive storage facilities, and optional equipment included the following:

  • Sperry A-12 autopilot
  • Bendix X-band and weather radar
  • Collins Integrated Flight System
  • Bendix D.M.E.
  • Sperry engine analyzers

The following radio equipment, sufficient to take the aircraft anywhere in the world

  • Collins 51R3 Omni receiver
  • Bendix Omni receiver
  • 17L3 Collins transmitter
  • Series 440 Wilcox 50W V.H.F. transmitter simplexed with Wilcox receiver.
  • Dual Collins R.M.I.
  • Dual A.D.F. Bendix MN62, Bendix markerbeacon receiver
  • F-ll A isolation amplifier
  • Cockpit and cabin speakers
  • Collins 51V glideslope receiver
  • R89 glide-slope receiver.

More than 80 multi-engined executive and airline transports, with a total value exceeding 5m, were sold by William C. Wold Associates, an American company specializing in transport aircraft sales. The simple but highly successful Wold technique centred on the production of a small brochure describing the aircraft, which was circulated to a mailing list of 7,000 company executives, pilots, purchasing agents, export and import firms and operators, both in the U.S. and abroad.

The companies flag ship conversion identified in the Wold brochure was the 300- m.p.h. Douglas B-26 Invader conversion with a luxurious five seat cabin and aft toilet.

Some of these "Wold Invaders" were ofter "On Mark" conversions that were simply refurbished with internal and avionics upgrades.