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Greg Percival - Aviation bronze art and sculpture

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The most beautiful bronze aviation art there is.


Gregory Percival


Born England May 1967, Greg Percival has been working in the field of art and design for 20 years originally as an airbrush artist for National and International magazine covers and books whilst also developing his skills in art related fields such as sculpture and various paint mediums.

Since an early age Greg has always had a big interest in motorsport focussing mainly on Formula 1/Indy and Endurance racing with his earliest influences coming from Gille Villeneuves driving flair in the 1979 Ferrari 312 T4.

In 1996 he became the co-creator and designer of Grand Prix Action an International magazine which covered all aspects of Formula 1 motorsport around the world.

In 1995 he started working on more hands on art forms which have become the sculptures we see today.

In his own words:
"I wanted to create motorsport art which uses the clarity of a model and the excitement of a kinetic sculpture. Worldwide there are
available magnificent scale models and very obscure sculptures, but with these pieces I have married these two mediums together in a recognisable and fluid

The original pieces are the result of over 3500 hrs of work. Created using specialist woods and resins to create the right fluidity and form, moulds were then taken from this original sculpture and cast in bronze with a silver plate or solid sliver. These sculptures and slate bases are all hand made and finished and limited to an edition run of 100 of each.

These sculptures which depict the excitement and danger of motor sport in action, are approximately 36cm long (roughly 10th scale), and including the slate base, weighs about 5kg and are all individually numbered by the artist. One of the editions was featured in F1 Racing magazine in December 2000 as a competition prize, and as the main feature for an interview with Greg on sky television.

Other projects currently working on are:

Carbon fibre and bronze sculptures of individual motorsport heroes

Paintings/Prints of various Life/moment images

Location: Chichester, Great Britain (UK)
Resume: 2001, 20 minute Interview on Sky television about my work

2001-2002 Exhibited Alex Reade Gallery, Carnaby Street

2009 Guild of Aviation Artists Annual Exhibition at The Mall
Galleries London.

Accepted on my first attempt to be part of this prestigious event, and was highly commended and runner up for the Gibson Memorial Trophy. Also I was runner up for the Quantas Award for the same work.

For costs on the below sculptures, contact Greg through one of the following sites.


Also see Greg at

Gregory Percival sculpture

The guild of aviation artists



Work available by Greg










Tally Ho

The Tally-ho sculpture size is approx 72cm long x 46cm wide x 35cm high and weighs about 7.5kg

The solid hand cast bronze spitfires are each individually polished and patinated with a wingspan of 18cm.

When creating the original sculpture of the Spitfire I wanted to produce an instantly recognisable impression of a Spit and it represents a Spitfire MKIIa.

The original sculpture of the Spitfire took me 2 weeks to craft, then I made moulds to cast waxes from to send to the foundry for lost wax investment casting.

The base is cast by hand from my moulds using 5 kg of glass clear casting resin then two days of final finishing and polishing. The original base sculpture took me 5 weeks to complete and is made from woods and sculpting clays to achieve the 'flow of air' I needed.

I believe that I have created a very unique piece here, with my intention of keeping a kinetic/moving sculpture, showing the flow and excitement of flight.

This piece is in honour of the brave pilots who flew so gallantly during the second world war and offers a snapshot of Douglas Bader’s 'Dogsbody' section flying from RAF Westhampnett in July 1941.

Four Spitfires of Douglas Bader, Alan Smith, Johnnie Johnson and Cocky Dundas, following the call of Bader... 'Tally-ho'!

This particular Sculpture is offered to the RAFA and to hopefully auctioned by Bonham’s, is the very first artists proof, the final work will be a limited edition of 25 all signed and finished by myself with engraved issue numbers and signature.


Gregory Percival



Other works by Greg



In 1995 I started working on more hands on art forms which have become the sculptures we see today.
In his own words:
"I wanted to create motorsport art which uses the clarity of a model and
the excitement of a kinetic sculpture. Worldwide there are available
magnificent scale models and very obscure sculptures, but with these pieces I have married these two mediums together in a recognisable and fluid sculpture"
The sculpture provides the excitment and dynamic of speed with the metal being shown to flow and move back along the surface of the body and the wings.

Medium: Silver/Bronze


Knights of the sky
Special commision for Goodwood Aero Club as a special trophy, result of 8 weeks work
Exhibited Mall Gallery 2008 highly commended for the Quantas Trophy and the Arthur Gibson Trophy

1 of an edition of 50


Knights of the sky 2
Second sculpture in the series 'Knights of the Sky' depicting a German fighter, the Albatros DVa of Hans Von Hippel, Jasta 5.
Exhibited at the Guild of Aviation Artists Exhibition, The Mall Galleries, London. 2010



Porsche 917
Lost wax casting from original sculpture again showing fluidity in form and providing what is known as kinetic sculpture

Medium: Silver/Bronze


'Dodging the Foe'
Albert Ball. VC. D.F.C. leading 56 Squadron, flying his SE5A dogfighting the Albatros DIII's of Jasta 11, 7th May 1917.
Issue No. 1/1 Oak Base unique to GAVA Exhibition July 2011

A new sculpture by Greg has just been completed, a wonderful representation and with out a doubt credit to the artist.
Information on the below is as follows:

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC and part of the 'Knights of the Sky' sculpture series

Gregory Percival is producing this work specifically for the Fly to Help charity event held at the RAF Club, 1st May 2013. 

Paying tribute to Geoffrey Wellum flying in his Spitfire Mk11a, the completed work will be a limited edition of 25 bronze casts, signed and finished by the artist. The second artist's proof is being displayed to the Bonham's auction at the Goodwood Revival, with an edition being sold at the December Oxford Bonhams auction 2014.

Cast in bronze and mounted on slate. Approx dimensions 40 cm high by 30 cm wide, weight approx 6kg

Also I have produced a sculpture called 'Bang-On'

Information as follows:





Bang On’
The final tribute in this particular Spitfire trilogy, art and purpose unite to form a beautiful yet practical piece of original work. Following the tradition of classic Georgian door furniture this door knocker comes with an impeccable pedigree.

Your opportunity to possess an original sculpture by Gregory Percival to be enjoyed by all. Possibly the first time one's personal sculpture may be displayed within the public forum.

Fashioned from the same Spitfire used on 'Tally-ho!' and 'Double Exposure' modified and united with a striking base in the form of an RAF roundel bearing a relief squadron remeniscent of the Art Deco period.

Sculpted, cast in bronze and hand finished to the highest standard, each piece is signed and numbered as an original piece of sculpture.

Two piece bronze

Weight: Approx 1.1kg
Wingspan: 170mm
Roundel Base:

Open edition signed and numbered