Douglas A/B-26 Invader

The Mike Shakocius collection

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Above, the aircraft ( N6101C ) photographed by Mike Shakocius at Van Nuys in April 1965 prior to its red and white paint job at On Mark


Above, N8394H parked at Van Nuys Airport in April 1965. Parking was to the NW of the ANG Base, opposite side of On Mark Eng.
Sent in by Mike Shakocius


Above, YB-26K 63-5634 & A26B 44-34713 N5538V "Initiator V" on display during an Open House at Van Nuys Airport, July 1964
Sent in by Mike Shakocius 


Above, N2852G 44-35493 while at the Air Museum, Ontario, California in March 1964
Sent in by Mike Shakocius