Douglas A/B-26 Invader

A-26 Invader 44-34774 restoration by owner and operater, Peter Garraty

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Your site has given my partner and I so much information we are indebted to you for a long time. We have purchased sn. 44-34774, and are in the process of rebuilding her to airworthy status. Matt Cooper has been a great help in tracking down lost parts and pieces. We have formed a LLC in the US, Blue Pacific Air Group (BPAG) and are building a website and all the needed ingredients. Presently the aircraft is possibly 2 years away from it's first flight, fingers crossed. We will keep you updated.

Information that you may not know, 44-34774 was the first on mark conversion, and is such we believe a significant airframe. BPAG will return her to as close to warbird standard as we can considering the on mark modifications. We have all the log books from day one and micro fish manuals as well. All we need now is to put her together......

We have taken photo and video so far and will pass that on if you need.
Dave, my partner is an aircraft engineer, and has his own company called Aircraft Restoration Company. also he purchases and makes STC"s for various aircraft types. 
We both worked for a company doing worldwide mapping on lear jets for a number of years and this was when we came up with the dream of getting a warbird. We spent a number of years looking for a proper plane and this one sort of fell into our laps. We have had the aircraft for coming up to a year and a half. I live and work in Hong Kong flying a corporate aircraft. So between the 2 of us we are trying to make this thing work. We are getting a lot of support but missing a lot of technical support but have found lots of interest and support from already flying aircraft owners.


Peter Garraty






The two shots above were sent to me by Matt Cooper, Matt writes:
I just found your website for the Douglas A-26.  It is fantastic!  My father, the late Dick Cooper, purchased A-26 N917Y (ex N67163, N163Y) in 1990.  He died unexpectedly in 1993 and my mother later donated the plane to a museum in 1997.  The A-26 has been disassembled and stored indoors for the last 10 years or so with no additional work having been done other than the initial prep for restoration.  Ownership is changing again, so hopefully restoration will finally begin in the near future.

I was 14 years old when my dad purchased N917Y and it became a big part of our lives together.  We both accompanied the ferry pilot (Hugh Glassburn) on the ferry flight from Rockford, Illinois to Everett, Washington-a 2 day trip encompassing 8 hours of flying.  I have continued a career in aviation, currently flying B737s for Alaska Airlines in Seattle, Washington.  My true passion however are old planes.  I have been fortunate to fly a number of seasons in DHC-2 floatplanes and 2 years hauling cargo in Beech 18s.

Attached are two photos from our ferry flight in September 1990.  The first shows my dad and I in front of N917Y just prior to departure from Rockford.  The second is during a fuel stop in Rapid City, South Dakota.  I apologize for the low quality scans of the photo prints.

Thank you for all the work you have put into your website.  I plan on spending many hours checking it out!

Matt Cooper


The above shot was taken by Glen Chatfield at Rockford IL in 1988

The restoration










Serial #: 44-34774
Construction #: 28053
Civil Registration:

Model: A-26B

On Mark conversion
Status: Unknown
Last info: 2012



Delivered to Reconstruction Finance Corp as 44-34761
- Immediately put up for dispossal, 1945.
Standard Oil Co, Chicago, IL, 1949-1954.
- Registered as N67163.

To On Mark Engineering, Van Nuys, CA with c/r N163Y. Standard Oil Co Of Indiana, Chicago, IL, 1961-1964.
- Registered as N163Y.
Pan American Petroleum Corp, Tulsa, OK, 1965.
Standard Oil Co Of Indiana, Chicago, IL, May 31, 1965.
Nine Ten Corp, Chicago, IL, Aug. 4, 1965.
- Registered as N910Y.
Greenacres Farm Inc, Lexington, KY, 1966-1972.
- Registered as N917Y.
Joel McNeal, San Diego, CA, 1977-1984.
Courtesy Aircraft Inc, Rockford, IL, 1985.
Bob Collings/Collings Foundation, Stowe, MA, Mar. 1985-1990.
Warbirds & Vehicles Inc, Seattle, WA, Nov. 1990-1995.
The Air Station, Arlington, WA, June 25, 1997-2002.

13th Jan 2010 to Aero-Trans Corp BA, Ocala, FL

Purchased by Peter Garraty and partner, they have formed an LLC in the US, Blue Pacific Air Group (BPAG) The refurbishment should take two years and they are hoping for a first flight in 2014