Douglas A/B-26 Invader

Lt. Col. Leroy Charles Meyers - B-26 Marauder, "Crime Doctor"

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I had an e mail from David Moore recently, ( May 2012 )
My father in law. Lt. Col. Leroy Charles Meyers, was my Hero.
He flew the B-26 called "CRIME DOCTOR" and belly landed it, everyone walked away, the hydrolics had been shot out when on mission.
I can send you his picture if you like.
Lt. Col. Meyers received The Purple Heart, Flying Dist. Cross & the Silver star.
He was an AMERICAN HERO. Died and went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ Dec.28th. 1993.
He trained in flew out of Presque Isle, Maine to England and was in the 386th Bomb Group-He Flew B-26, B-25 and was part of the flying circus.
He flew so low, Gen. Patton and his men hit the ground.
Patton was supposed to fly with him that day and said to him, "Mister, if you think I''m getting in that plane with you your Crazy".
6 months later, Patton saw him & said "I know you! Your that crazy pilot!" My father in law was amazed that he would remember him.
Also enclosed is a picture of him & my mother in Law in New York City right after his wedding (after the war)

USAAF B-26B Marauder 41-31902 
386th Bomb Group, 552nd Bomb Squadron
9th Air force 
"Crime Doctor"
Crash landed at Great Dunmow, Essex, England on July 28, 1944.