Douglas A/B-26 Invader

"To war in a Spitfire" by Mark Hillier, Dieter Sinanan and Gregory Percival

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Below, a few shots from the book launch at Goodwood showing the Boultbee Spit and a few old pilots from the RAF Westhampnett days.








The diary of an American Spitfire pilot with the 309th Fighter Squadron

About the Authors

Mark Hillier, Dieter Sinanan and Gregory Percival


The three authors all current pilots at Goodwood in West Sussex, previously published "Westhampnett at War" . This is their second book to be published and follows the life of Lt Col Harry Strawn DFC, a pilot of the 309th Fighter Squadron based at RAF Westhampnett.

Mark is a Chartered Surveyor who has been flying since the age of 16 and is passionate about aviation history, Dieter is a flying instructor and has  taught on historic aircraft types such as the Harvard and Stearman.

Gregory is a very talented sculptor and publisher and also a PPL pilot at Goodwood.

About the book

Harry Strawn was an American pilot trained on P39's and was shipped to the UK in 1942 to help in the war effort as part of the 31st Fighter Group. On arrival the unit converted to Spitfires and were posted to RAF Westhampnett in Sussex, in time to take part in the Dieppe raid. This is his story, recreated around his diary and letters home.

He went on to fly in North Africa and was shot down, being injured in the process. Upon re-patriation to the USA he became an instructor but volunteered for further active duty in the Pacific Theatre flying the P47.

Book Launch

The book will be launched at Goodwood, 10:00am  on August the 25th at Hanger 8.

The launch is being supported and hosted by the Boultbee Flight Academy and Goodwood Flying School. There will be loads happening on the day so please feel free to come along.  To reserve your copy email giving your name and address with contact telephone number. Books will retail at 25.


To order your copy

Mark HillierEvent Coordinator 07532 124 017

Greg Percival-Marketing and press releases 07891 884631

Dieter Sinanan- VIP Guests 07970493632 (veterans and family)