Douglas A/B-26 Invader

In support of the few, by Mark Hillier, Greg Percival and Joe Roddis

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Joe Roddis, in conjunction with Mark Hillier and Gregory Percival, has published a book entitled "IN SUPPORT OF THE FEW", which he describes as 'From an 'erk' to chief technician,the diary of Joe Roddis'. This beautiful book has been written in memory of my mother-in-law Betty Drury, who was

Joe's dance partner during the war and who, after losing their respective partners, he met again after 60 years and they lived happily together in Selsey for the nine years until her death in April last year.

The proceeds are going equally to Apuldram and to help keep the ML 407 - a Spitfire which Joe had worked on in World War Two and that is today owned and flown by Caroline Grace - flying.

The story is based on Joe's experiences during the war in places like Biggin Hill, Goodwood, Selsey, Funtington, Merston and even mentions the Apuldram airfield. But the underlying story is the love that transcended 60 years and which flourished in Selsey where, coincidentally, he had been based for some of the time during the war. The book was launched at Goodwood on 27th April

The launch is took place on Wednesday 27th May when Joe signed copies which were on sale for 12 each.

The book has received a number of orders already and expect to sell the firstrun of 600 copies, which will net about 2000 for Apuldram and hopefully we will have a reprint to raise even more. Joe and the writers have done this purely for charity and there is no personal gain other than their personal pride and a fitting tribute to a lovely lady.

Joe, served as a Fitter servicing the Spitfires of 234 Squadron, including the personal mount of the late great Wing Commander Bob Doe DSO, DFC*.




Above, Joe with Mark Hillier ( author ), Matt Jones and Mark Crosby of the Boultbee Academy at the book launch.