Douglas A/B-26 Invader

A Fighter Command Station At War

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A Fighter Command Station At War

A Photographic Record Of RAF Westhampnett From The Battle Of Britain To D-Day And Beyond

This book tells the story of a fighter command base in Sussex  initially known as RAF Woodcote by the ground crew but later RAF Westhampnett. The author details how It served the country - without fail - for such a long period of time. From the Battle of Britain through to Arnhem. It is a touching book that includes many first hand accounts by pilots and ground crew and a large number of black and white images of those squadrons and ground crew associated with the airfield. Well researched and well worth a read. 

Mark Hillier

Edition: 2015, 212 pages.

Published 2015 by Frontline Books


ISBN : 1473844681 

About the author:-
MARK HILLIER is a Chartered Surveyor who has a deep knowledge of the history of the RAF, with a particular focus on the Second World War. He is also a qualified pilot, having flown for more than twenty-two years, including many flights from the former RAF Westhampnett, now Goodwood Aerodrome. He has co-authored three successful books on aviation and written the biography of Wing Commander Thomas Murray.